Springfield Technical
Community College
Springfield, MA


Robert Yawin, of Springfield Technical Community College, hosted the 1984 Annual Meeting at STCC in Springfield, MA, on Saturday, March 24, 1984.

A registration fee of $16.50 allowed us to hear:



At this meeting the registrants enacted the proposed constitution.

A proposal from committee to structure the make-up of the leadership of NEMATYC. This is from a note to the committee from Bob Yawin. (presented for adoption to the membership at the 1984 conference.)

Date: June 10, 1983
To: J. Gervase, F. Deane, J. Menard, J. Smith
From: Bob Yawin

Here is the information we discussed at our June 6 meeting. I suggest we send it along to the people on our mailing list when we announce the date of our next annual meeting and solicit presenters and nominations for office.

Dear Colleague:

The committee of Jo Gervase, Frank Deane, Joe Menard, Jean Smith and Bob Yawin were asked to study the question of whether or not NEMATYC needs officers and a more formal structure than now exists. After having met during the months of May, June and September, we present the following ideas for your consideration:

OFFICERS: NEMATYC will have two officers, a president and a vice-president.

The vice president will be nominated and elected at the annual spring meeting. It will be the vice president's responsibility to organize the next annual meeting and host that meeting.

The president will conduct the business portion of the annual meeting and maintain a membership list and financial records in a ledger.

At the end of the annual meeting, the president will be replaced by the vice president, and the host of the next annual meeting will assume the position of vice president.

DUES: We recommend that there be annual dues of $3. All dues will be paid to the president and he will maintain records of the members and issue receipts for all dues received. Furthermore, when the cost of the annual meeting is determined, all pre-paid members will have the amount of their dues deducted from the cost of the meeting. All people attending the annual meeting will pay the fees connected with the meeting and may at that time pay an additional $3 as dues for the coming year.

We suggest these recommendations be adopted at the annual meeting to be held March 23, 1984, at Springfield Technical Community College, with Bob Yawin as President for the coming year and the host of the next conference being vice president for the coming year and president for the year thereafter.

Please send any comments on these proposals to:

Dr. Robert A. Yawin
Mathematics Department
Springfield Technical CC
One Armory Square
Springfield, MA 01105

Sincerely yours,

Jo Gervase, Frank Deane, Joe Menard, Jean Smith, Bob Yawin

Registration List

Abbott, Hilton, STCC
Abbott , Linda, Chestnut St. Jr. High
Akst, Geoffrey, BMCC, CUNY
Allard, Norman, Mass Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Andrioli, Antonia, CC of Vermont
Barocas, Jack, STCC
Barocas, Susan, STCC
Barton, Teresa, Minnechaug Regional H. S.
Battles, Frank, Mass Maritime Academy
Bell, Dan, STCC
Berry, Carolyn, Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
Bixby, George, Holyoke CC
Bowen, David, Chestnut St. Jr. High
Brunton, Dennis, STCC
Butterworth, Rick, Massasoit CC
Cattacchio, Vincent, Middlesex CC
Charkiewicz, Mitch, STCC
Childs, Carol, D.C. Heath and Co.
Clarke, Marie, North Shore CC
Colclough, Kathy, STCC
Connell, John, STCC
Deane, Frank, Berkshire CC
Desmarais, Paul, American International College
Dick, Tony, Worth Pub. Co.
Doane, Elizabeth, Housatonic CC
Doane, Paul, Housatonic CC
Duzniewski, Richard, STCC
Ernst-Goodwin, Regina, Middlesex CC
Fittante, Loues, Endicott College
Fitzgerald, Daniel, Holyoke CC
Foley, Bill, Northeast Computers
Gaccione, Peter, Chamberlayne Jr. C
Gallagher, Mary, Prentice-Hall Pub. Co.
Garcia-Negron, Miguel, Greater New Haven State Tech
Gaudette Thompson, Dodie, Harper-Row Pub.
Gervase, Jo, Manchester CC
Gibbs, William, STCC
Gilbert, Deborah, Chestnut St. Jr. High
Gilligan, Larry, AMATYC
Glynn, Philip, Mattatuck CC
Gordon, Clifford, Champlain College
Gorman, Jane, Middlesex CC
Gowing, Jeremy, Harper and Rowe, Pub.
Granaudo, Victor, WNEC
Gulati, Bodh, So. Conn State U
Gunning, Walter, STCC
Haggerty, Ellen, STCC
Hahn, Jeffrey, Wm. Brown Pub.
Harriman, Robert, STCC
Hartnett, Patricia, Greater New Haven State Tech
Hathaway, Chester, Endicott College
Hessney, Susan, Scott Foresman and Co.
Horowitz, Joseph, U of Mass
Iacoviello, Jerry, Digital Equip. Corp.
Joy, Robert, South Windsor High School
Julin, David, Holyoke CC
Kaufman, Janie, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich
Kearns, Donald, Merrimack College
Kelleher, Laura, Mass Maritime Academy
Kieronski, Roberta, Merrimack College
Kindel, Dawn, Pine Manor College
Klett, Richard, Chestnut St. Jr. High
Klimenok, Janet, CC of Vermont
Liacos-Halsted, Cheryl, North Shore CC
Loiseau, Roger, Waterbury State Tech College
Luciano, Dennis, Western New England College
Mader, Barbara, South Windsor High School
Magoon, Irving, STCC
Mahler, Philip, Middlesex CC
Majeske, Mike, Greater Hartford CC
Marsh, Joan, Chestnut St. Jr. High
Martin, Lois, Massasoit CC
Massaro, Jon, Tunxis CC
McDonald, James, STCC
McOuarrie, Bruce, Worcester Poly Institute
Menard, Joseph, CCRI
Milatz, Carol, Middlesex CC
Militello, Leonard, Holyoke CC
Montella, Ennis, Merrimack College
Morrow, James, Simon's Rock College
Murphy, Jane, Middlesex CC
Murray, Dick, Digital Equip. Corp.
Murray, Michael
Nemergut, Elaine, Digital Equip. Corp.
Nevius, Ann, Harper-Row Pub.
O'Hare, Patricia, Wadsworth Pub. Co.
O'Malley, Ruth, Palmer High School
Orilia, Lawrence, Nassau CC
Parenteau, Robert, STCC
Peck, Alan, STCC
Pelosi, Richard, Western N E College
Pigott, Keith, North Shore CC
Potter, Jane, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Pub.
Pownall, William, John Wiley and Sons Pub.
Prichett, Gordon, Babson College
Quinby, Chuck, STCC
Rodriguez, Maria, Chestnut St. Jr. High
Root, Gerry, American International College
Rosa, Domenico, Post College
Rosnick, Peter, Westfield State College
Sansalone, Jim, American International College
Savicki, Helene, Dean Junior College
Schroeder, Karen, Bentley College
Schuyler, Robert, McGraw-Hill Book Co.
Scibelli, Andrew, STCC
Sharpe, David, Simon's Rock College
Sherman, Alan, Wilbraham & Monson Academy
Silvestri, Anthony, STCC
Smith, Jean, Middlesex CC
Smith, Michael, STCC
Soderbon, Kath, Massasoit CC
Sorensen, Christina, Allyn and Bacon, Inc.
St. Cyr, Judie, Massasoit CC
Stein, Audrey, Pine Manor College
Stockton, Doris, U of Mass
Stockton, Fred, U of Mass
Sullivan, Mary, Curry College
Sullivan, Robert, Northampton High School
Sygiel, Claire, Palmer High School
Tierney, June, St. Mary's High School
Tobey, John, North Shore CC
Uhlig, Andree, Northampton High School
Von Eschen, Ellis, Prindle, Weber and Schmidt Washburn, Ken, Prindle, Weber and Schmidt
Weinstein, Joan, Pine Manor College
West, Amy, Berkshire CC
White, William, STCC
Williamson, Edward, Middlesex CC
Yawin, Alex, Plainville High School
Yawin, Helen, Briarwood College
Yawin, Robert, STCC
Zannella, Edward, CCRI