Central Connecticut
State University
New Britain, CT


This year's conference was held at Central Connecticut State University, in New Britain, Connecticut, on Saturday, March 26, 1983. The theme was Mathematics for the 80's: Curriculum Development and Applications. Wilfred Boykin of Central Conn. State Univ. was the Coordinator. We heard, at a cost of $16 per person:



On June 6, 1983 a committee consisting of Bob Yawin, Josephine Gervase, Frank Deane, Jean Smith, and Joe Menard met to discuss a firmer foundation for the then unstructured NEMATYC. For the past few years, it had been the practice to haphazardly choose the annual meeting site and coordinators. It was the feeling of many members that a little more formal structure, but without a formal constitution, be effected. This committee presented their proposals to the membership at the 1984 meeting.

Registration List

Baldwin, James, Nassau CC
Battles, Frank, Mass Maritime Academy
Bentsen, Clifford, Mohegan CC
Bevelas, Kathy, CCSU-Math
Bhalla, Gurcharan, Bronx CC
Black, Kenneth, Greenfield CC
Boykin, Wilfred, CCSU-Math
Butcher, Joan, Tunxis CC
Calter, Paul, VT Tech College
Cameron, Roy, SUNY Ag-Tech College
Clarke, Marie, North Shore CC
Cohen, Don, SUNY Ag-Tech College
Cohen, Robert, Greenfield CC
Cowlic, Rhoda, CCSU-Math
Delventhal, Elmer, CCSU-Math
Deraney, Peter, NY City Tech College
Ellenbogen, David, Greenfield CC
Fiondella, Mairo, Manchester CC
Gaccione, Peter, Chamberlayne Jr. C
Garfunkel, Solomon, COMAP
Gervase, Josephine, Manchester CC
Glynn, Philip, Matatuck CC
Goodwin, Regina, Middlesex CC
Gorsky, Leon, CCSU-Research
Grant, Kerry, CCSU-Math
Gulati, Bodh, Southern Conn State U
Hartnett, P. A., Greater New Haven State Col.
Harriman, Robert, Springfield Tech CC
Hegarty, Jack, Bentley College
Jacobs, John, Mass Bay CC
Kearns, Donald, Merrimack College
Kelleher, Laura, Mass Maritime Academy
Kellogg, Mary, Manhattan CC
Kuczynski, Leo, CCSU-Math
Leibowicz, Gerald, Storrs, CN
Leibowicz, Zoe, Storrs, CN
Lemirand, Steve, Ct State Dept of Educ
Letson, Peter, Greenfield CC
Loiseau, Roger, Waterbury State Tech College
Lonardo, Linda, CCSU-Math
Longo, Dominic, Greater New Haven State Tech
Lynott, Robert, Waterbury State Teacher's C
Manner, Ann, Greater New Haven State Tech
Massaro, Jon, Tunxis CC
McGivney, Raymond, U. of Hartford
McKenzie, John, Jr., Babson College
Menard, Joseph, CCRI
Miller, George, CCSU-Math
Montella, Ennis, Merrimack College
Mooney, John, Tunxis CC
Neville, Charles, CCSU-Math
Padra, N., CCSU-Math
Pronovost, Henry, Mattatuck CC
Riel, Eugene, CCSU-Math
Riollano, Dolores, Post College
Rogers, Carol, Vermont Tech College
Rosa, Domenico, Post College
Savicki, Helene, Dean Junior College
Seseske, Glenn, Quinnipiac College
Smith, Jean, MATTYCON
Snover, Steven, Univ of Hartford
Talbot, Sandra, Mattatuck CC
Tobey, John, Jr., North Shore CC
Williams, Lois, Quinnipiac College
Webster, Lee, Greenfield CC
Woods, Tom, CCSU-Math
Yawin, Bob, Springfield Tech CC
Zinkodki, Raymond, Merrimack College