Yankee Drummer Inn
Auburn, Massachusetts



"The MMATYC was formed out of a clear need for communication between people teaching in two year colleges. With the difficulties that open enrollment have brought, there is a need for a new kind of meeting where the faculty of the classroom can share their frustrations and inspirations. This society exists to provide just such meetings in small workshop settings where new ideas can be germinated and developed."

This meeting, held at the Yankee Drummer Inn in Auburn, Massachusetts was keynoted by Herb Gross with an address entitled Math Is A Four Letter Word.

This was followed by the following workshops.

At this first annual meeting there were six book companies giving their support:

The officers of MMATYC in October, 1972 were:

FALL 1972

MMATYC FLYER COVERThey were presented a dilemma at this time because an intended Fall meeting was to cost $10, and there seemed to be stirrings of concern. An explanatory letter evidently satisfied members and plans progressed for a Fall meeting to be held at the Campus Center Building of the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, Massachusetts. "The purpose of this meeting is open communications between the two year colleges and institutions to which our students transfer."

Panelists at the morning session were:

In the afternoon there were three open workshops:

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*With thanks to Frank Deane.