Yankee Drummer Inn
Auburn, Massachusetts



The following members of the Executive Board met at Middlesex Community College on February 17, 1973 to plan the annual Spring Meeting: Frank Deane, Jino D'Alessandro, Herb Gross, Joan McGowan, Joe Menard, Dave Richardson, Al Roy, Dorothy Ryan, Amy West, Foster Wiggins

The treasurer reported that the "present cash balance stands at $257 with approximately $50 dollars in outstanding expenses. The treasury, therefore contains about 207 dollars."

The Second Annual Meeting of MMATYC was held on Friday, and Saturday, March 30-31, 1973. The site was again the Yankee Drummer Motel in Auburn. Friday consisted of a Publisher's Forum, a President's Reception, and a Banquet. Saturday ran as follows:

The yearly treasurer's report indicated a "Net Balance in Checking Account," of $262.13.

On Saturday, October 13, 1973, a Fall Meeting of MMATYC was held at the Arnold House of the University of Massachusetts. The theme was Continuing Education for the Two Year College Math Teacher.

A morning panel discussion titled An Investigation Of A Doctoral Program Tailored To The Two-Year College Mathematics Teacher was moderated by David Richardson of Bristol CC.

Panelists: Mary Cullen, Mt. Wachusett CC, Robert McGuigan, U of Mass

The afternoon session consisted of an open discussion of Alternatives in Continuing Education.