Johnson & Wales
Warwick, RI


The Twenty-First Annual Conference was held at the Radisson Hotel facility of Johnson & Wales University, in Warwick, RI, on Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8. The chairperson was Joni Bookbinder, Johnson & Wales University. The weather was sunny on Friday, overcast on Saturday.

This was the first two-day meeting for this organization. A Friday component was added, with afternoon sessions and a Friday evening banquet. There was a Friday afternoon field trip to the American Mathematical Society. Herb Gross, founding presider of AMATYC, was the Friday night banquet speaker, and Gary Getchell gave the keynote address.

To quote Herb Gross, A good time was had by all.

Treasurer's Report / Joni Bookbinder
Presented at the 1996 Meeting











Bank Service Fees



DEPOSIT - Old Account



Registration & Dues



Fall Workshop



Net to Date 3/21/96


Executive Committee

Past President

Steve Krevisky, Middlesex CTC


Sue Blain, Mt. Wachusett CC

Vice President

Joan Bookbinder, Johnson & Wales University


Eiki Satake, Emerson College (1992-1995)

Newsletter Editor

Judy Carter, North Shore CC

Secretary (acting)

John Jacobs, Massachusetts Bay CC


Roberta Kieronski, University of New Hampshire





Commercial exhibits ran all day



There was an Executive Committee meeting on Saturday. Members and guests present:

Susan Blain
Joan Bookbinder
Judy Carter
John Jacobs
Jack Keating
Roberta Kieronski
Steve Krevisky
Philip Mahler
Lois Martin
Elaine Previte
Helene Savicki

Minutes of the Business Meeting

Saturday, April 8, 1995

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the NEMATYC President, Susan Blain.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the April 9, 1994 business meeting were approved with the correction of the spelling of the name Elaine Previte, and that the name Dean Junior College has been changed to Dean College.


Treasurer: The chair presented the report and stated that the balance on March 28, 1995 was $2,096.22. The chair also noted that there had been a problem in the mails with the registration checks from the previous meeting The chair reported that the executive committee had recommended that the matter of reclaiming the lost funds should not be pursued. Any member who did have their registration check cashed was asked to notify the chair, Susan Blain.

Newsletter Editor: Editor Judy Carter encouraged NEMATYC members to send any newsworthy information to her at North Shore Community College. Examples would include campus events, new courses, curriculum innovations, awards, promotions, names of new faculty members, technology in the curriculum, academic policies with regard to mathematics, etc. Please contact Judy at North Shore Community College, 1 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA 01923, Ph: 508-762-4000 x 6664, or by email at carter@piano.mecn. mass.edu.


The following officers were elected.

Vice President

Elaine Previte,

Dean College


Gail St Jacques,

Johnson & Wales University


John Jacobs,

Massachusetts Bay Community College


A revised constitution was adopted at the meeting by a motion of Jack Keating, Elaine Previte seconding. The major changes, as cited by Roberta Kieronski at the meeting, are the creation of the office of past president, and the definition of an executive committee, which includes two at large members.


Under the revised constitution, Alec Ingraham and Jack Keating were elected the first at large members of the executive committee.


Steve Krevisky asked members to be aware of the AMATYC Standards project which is on going, to examine them carefully, and to respond to any calls for suggestions to these standards.

Northeastern Section - MAA News

Philip Mahler reported on upcoming NES-MAA meetings and workshops.

Jack Keating offered thanks to Joni Bookbinder for a great meeting, and for the first two day meeting of NEMATYC.

Submitted for John Jacobs by
Philip Mahler

1995-1996 Executive Committee

Past President

Susan Blain, Mt., Wachusett CC


Joan Bookbinder, Johnson & Wales University

Vice President

Elaine Previte, Dean College


John Jacobs, Mass. Bay CC (1995-1997)


Gail St Jacques,Johnson & Wales U.(1995-1998)

At large member

Alec Ingraham, New Hampshire C.

At large member

Jack Keating, Massasoit CC

Newsletter Editor

Judy Carter , North Shore CC

Membership Coordinator

To be appointed

Participating Publishers



Adopted April 8, 1995


Article 1 NAME

The name of the Association is the New England Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.


The New England Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges is a non-profit education association. The objectives of the Association are the following:

  1. to encourage the development of effective mathematics programs;
  2. to afford a regional forum for the exchange of ideas;
  3. to develop and/or improve the mathematics curriculum, education, and related experiences of students in the first two-years of college;
  4. to promote the professional welfare and development of its members.


Membership in the Association shall run from September 1 of one year to August 31 of the following year and is open to the following:

  1. Regular membership -- Any teacher of mathematics or other person interested in mathematics offered in the first two-years of college,
  2. Student membership -- Any undergraduate student with an interest in mathematics or related discipline.

Article 4 DUES

Annual dues are paid by all members. The designated rates will be set by the Association at the annual conference.

Article 5 OFFICERS

Only regular members of the Association are eligible to hold office. There are five officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-President. Each officer may make a report to the membership at the annual conference.

  1. The President will:
    1. conduct the business portion of the annual conference.
    2. fill any vacancies which occur during the year.
    3. assume the role of Past-President at the conclusion of the annual conference.
  2. The Vice-President will:
    1. be elected at the annual conference.
    2. set the date for the next annual conference acting in conjunction with the Executive Committee. (from article 7)
    3. organize and host the next annual conference.
    4. assume the Presidency at the conclusion of the next annual conference.
    5. conduct meetings and fulfill the obligations of the President in situations where the President is absent or unable to continue in office.
  3. The Secretary will:
    1. be elected to a two year term at the annual conference.
    2. maintain an up-to-date membership list.
    3. be responsible for the official correspondence of the Association.
    4. maintain records for the Association.
    5. take minutes of the meetings of the Association.
  4. The Treasurer will:
    1. be elected to a three year term at the annual conference.
    2. be in charge of all financial records and funds of the Association.
    3. surrender the financial records of the Association for annual auditing to a designee appointed by the Executive Committee.
    4. give a report at the annual business meeting.
  5. The Past-President will:
    1. consult with the other officers as needed,
    2. appoint a nominating committee by September 15 every year.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the Past-President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Membership Coordinator and two elected at-large members. The elected at-large members will be nominated and elected at the annual conference for a term of one year.

  1. The Executive Committee will:
    1. certify nominees for elected positions
    2. review and present new business items to the annual meeting
    3. meet prior to the annual meeting to review all constitutional amendments and bring their recommendations to the annual meeting.
  2. The Newsletter Editor will:
    1. be appointed by the President.
    2. create and mail a Newsletter in the Fall to include a call for papers at the next conference; in the Spring to include the conference announcement, a tentative program, registration form, and the recommended slate of candidates; and at other times as determined by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Membership Coordinator will:
    1. be appointed by the President.
    2. apprise the Secretary of current membership.
    3. coordinate with the Treasurer to determine up-to-date dues payments in order to maintain a current membership list.
    4. perform other related duties.


A nominations committee will be appointed by the past president by September 15 every year. The past president serves as an ex officio member. The committee should have at least 5 members. In the Fall the committee should conduct a search for well-qualified candidates. A slate of candidates recommended by the nominations committee should be presented to the executive committee. The executive committee will certify nominees for elected positions as candidates and will accept as advisory the nominees for appointed positions. The recommended slate of candidates should appear in the Spring Newsletter. Nominations for elected office may also be made at the annual conference by any regular members.


The Association will have an annual conference. This conference will include a business meeting to conduct association business. The conference date is set by the Vice-President in consultation with the Executive Committee.


The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, govern in all cases except when they are inconsistent with the constitution or by- laws.


Proposed amendments to this constitution may be initiated by any member. Ratification shall be by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the business meeting at the annual conference. A notice of a proposed amendment shall be sent to all members at least one month prior to the annual conference.


Registration List

Alfano, Joseph, Johnson & Wales University
Alfano, Shirley, Providence College
Andrien, Susan, Massachusetts Bay CC
Apple, Dan K., Pacific Crest Software
Balestero, Sara, Prentice Hall
Barney, Sally, Massasoit CC
Battles, Frank P., Mass. Maritime Academy
Beers, Carl, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Bench, Patricia, Northeastern University
Blain, Susan, Mt. Wachusett CC
Bookbinder, Joan, Johnson & Wales University
Bowdoin, Bernice, Bristol Community College
Cabral, Mary, Middlesex CC
Carter, Dan, Keene State College
Carter, Judy, North Shore CC
Chikowski, Frank, Irwin Publishing
Collins, Eleanor, Northeastern University
Coolbaugh, Edward, Johnson & Wales University
Corbeil, Ann, Massasoit CC
Currier, Miriam, Quinnipiac College
DeSimone, Donna, Addison Wesley
Driscoll, Claire, Northeastern University
Duffy, Maureen, Houghton Mifflin Company
Duston, Mark, Johnson & Wales University
Falcone, Elaine, Mt. Wachusett CC
Flaherty, Erin, Wm. C. Brown Co.
Getchell, Gary, Cape Cod CC
Getchell, Mrs. Gary, Guest
Gross, Herb, Bunker Hill CC
Gross, Mrs. Herb, Guest
Hay, Carol, Middlesex CC
Healy, Chuck, Wm. C. Brown, Co.
Hegarty, John C., Bentley College
Hobbs, Richard, Glencoe
Hoy, Susan, Bristol CC
Hsu, Lily, Massachusetts Bay CC
Hudson, Michele, Irwin Publishing
Ingraham, Alec, New Hampshire College
Jacobs, John, Massachuesetts Bay CC
Jacobs, Mrs. John, Guest
Julin, David, Holyoke CC
Keating, Jack, Massasoit CC
Kelleher, Laura, Mass. Maritime Academy
Kieronski, Roberta, UNH-Manchester
Kieronski, Joe (guest)
Koshy, Thomas, Framingham State College
Krevisky, Steve, Middlesex CTC
LaPierre, Robert, Johnson & Wales University
Latina, Michael, CC of Rhode Island
Laverty, Paul, Mt. Wachusett CC
Lee, Mike, West Publishing
Mahler, Philip, Middlesex CC
Martin, Lois, Massasoit CC
McConeghy, Matt, Johnson & Wales University
Medeiros, Cecilia, Bristol CC
Moussavi, Massoud, Johnson & Wales University
Neeman, Sol, Johnson & Wales University
Nesbitt, Elisabeth, Champlain College, Canada
Newman, Rochelle, Bradford College
Nolan Fish, Carol, Harcourt Brace College Pub.
Oster, Joyce, Johnson & Wales University
Oster, Mr. Eric, Guest
Pandolfini, Tom, Johnson & Wales University
Parchesco, Kathryn, Johnson & Wales University
Petrarca, Mike, Johnson & Wales University
Petros, Lily, PSBGM
Petros, C.I., Champlain College, Canada
Preskenis, Ken, Framingham State College
Previte, Elaine, Dean College
Rosa, Domenico, Teikyo Post University
Ross, Karen, New Hampshire Technical College
Sanborn, Freda, University College
Savicki, Helene, Massasoit CC
Singh, Prem, Johnson & Wales University
Soderbom, Kathy, Massasoit CC
Sousa, Joanne, Addison Wesley
Spector, Karen, Brooks Cole / PWS Kent
St. Jacques, Gail, Johnson & Wales University
Stevenson, Bonnie, Massachusetts Bay CC
Sullivan, James, Massachusetts Bay CC
Thedford, Carol, Hew Hampshire Tech. College
Tobey, John, North Shore CC
Walsh, Henry, Glencoe Publishers
Weeks, Sandra, Johnson & Wales University
Whitman, Rob, Massachusetts Bay CC
Woods, Barry, Unity College
Zanganeh, Firooz Azam, Dawson Col., Montreal
Zannella, Edward, CC of Rhode Island