Mount Wachusett
Community College
Gardner, MA


The Annual Meeting was held at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Massachusetts, on Saturday, April 9, 1994. The President was Steve Krevisky, Middlesex CTC, and the Vice President and conference chair was Susan Blain. The theme was Math In Action. The meeting included a NEMATYC 20-year anniversary reception sponsored by Wadsworth, Inc.

NEMATYC Officers


Steve Krevisky, Middlesex CTC

Vice President

Susan Blain, Mount Wachusett CC


Eiki Satake Emerson College


Judy Carter North Shore CC



Minutes of the Business Meeting
(distributed at the 1995 meeting)

NEMATYC Business Meeting
Saturday, April 9, 1994
Mount Wachusett Community College

The minutes of April 1993 were approved.

Treasurer Eiki Satake submitted a written treasurer's report which included the status of the organization through the end of May, 1994. It was accepted.

The group had informal discussion on membership, if the organization were incorporated, and how delegates to the National meeting were chosen. There will be a meeting of interested parties in May at Massasoit CC to discuss these issues further.

Joan Bookbinder announced the NEMATYC '95 meeting at Johnson & Wales University. It will be held at the Johnson & Wales Airport Hotel in Warwick, RI on April 7th and 8th 1995. The FIRST two-day conference. Joan can be reached at Johnson & Wales University, 8 Abbott Park Place, Providence, RI 02903 (401) 456-1480

Elaine Previte of Dean Junior College will be hosting the NEMATYC'96 meeting.

Door prizes were given away and we adjourned.

Submitted by
John Jacobs


Registration List

Anspach, Gene, Mt. Wachusett CC
Apple, Dan, Pacific Crest Software
Avedikan, Dan, Mt. Wachusett CC
Ballestero, Sara, Prentice Hall
Bilodeau, Gerald, Boston College High
Blain, Susan, Mt. Wachusett CC
Bookbinder, Joan, Johnson & Wales University
Bruenjes, Linda, Bay State College
Buffington, Charlotte, New Hampshire Tech Col.
Burke, Paul, Harcourt Brace
Byrne, Anne, North Shore CC
Cabral, Mary, Middlesex CC
Carney, Jane, Mt Wachusett CC
Carter, Judy, North Shore CC
Caruso, Marie, Middlesex CC
Cron, Cathy, Housatonic CTC
Cullen, Mary, Mt Wachusett CC
Curley, Geraldine, Bunker Hill CC
Dapsis, Lois, Quinebaug Valley CTC
Desimone, Donna, Addison-Wesley
DiLeo, Nancy, Mt Wachusett CC
Dursht, Saul, Norwalk CTC
Elinevsky, Yoav, Mt Wachusett CC
Falcone, Elaine, Mt Wachusett CC
Ferguson, Aaron, University of Deleware
Filipi, Theresa, Mt Wachusett CC
Fitzgerald, Dan, Holyoke CC
Frankel, Joshua, Royal Vale Elem., Montreal
Fraser, Beth, Middlesex CC
Fried, Michael, McGraw Hill
Fumarola, Paul, Research & Education Assoc.
Goland, David, Quinsigamond CC
Goodwin, Regina, Middlesex CC
Hanna, Trevor, Willingdon School, Montreal
Haruta, Mako, University of Hartford
Hay, Carol, Middlesex CC
Heckman, Edward, Mt Wachusett CC
Horan, Dwight, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Ingrahm, Alec, New Hampshire College
Jacobs, John, Massachusetts Bay CC
Johnson, Jim, Wadsworth Inc
Julin, David, Holyoke CC
Karney, Sue, Prentice Hall
Keating, Jack, Massasoit CC
Kessler, Jim, Vermont Technical College
Kieronski, Roberta, UNH - Manchester
Kim, Lee-Jung, Mt Wachusett CC
Krevisky, Stephen, Middlesex CTC
Laskey Muhr, Pamela, D C Heath
Laverty, Paul, Mt Wachusett CC
LeBlanc, Marjorie, Mt Wachusett CC
Lehman, Eugene, Dawson College
Leone, Sairey, Houghton Mifflin
Letteney, Alice, Mt Wachusett CC
Loisseau, Roger, Naugatuck Valley CTC
Lyon, Richard, Mt Wachusett CC
MacKenzie, Shirley, Bunker Hill CC
Mahler, Philip, Middlesex CC
Martin, Lois, Massasoit CC
Martin, Clifford, Whitman-Hanson Regional HS
McGivney, Raymond, University of Hartford
McGuiness, Brian, Macmillan
McKelvey, Ian, Willingdon School, Montreal
Moran, Karen, Quinebaug Valley CTC
Murphy, Jane, Middlesex CC
Neeman, Sol, Johnson & Wales University
Pandolfini, Thomas, Johnson & Wales University
Paul, William, Willingdon School, Montreal
Pittaro, David, Willingdon School, Montreal
Ponticello, Rick, North Shore CC
Previte, Elaine, Dean College
Robinson, Suellen, North Shore CC
Rosa, Domenico, Teikyo Post University
Rosenfeld, Bob, Nassau CC
Satake, Eiki, Emerson College
Sauvageau, Richard, Staples H.S.
Savicki, Helene, Dean Junior College
Soderbom, Kath, Massasoit CC
Sullivan, Brett, Harper Collins
Sullivan, John, Northern Essex CC
Sullivan, Jim, Massachusetts Bay CC
Takvorian, Kenneth, Mt Wachusett CC
Terceiro, Edward, Mt Wachusett CC
Tourigny, Yvonne, Bay State College
Tully, Judith, Bunker Hill CC
Valente, John, Franklin Pierce College
Warley, Ian, Willingdon School, Montreal
Weinfeld, David, Royal Vale Elem., Montreal
Weitze, Charles, Mt Wachusett CC
Wicklund, Bonnie, Mt Wachusett CC
Woolhouse, Maureen, Middlesex CC
Wursthorn, Peter, Capital CTC
Zilkha, Abraham, Royal Vale Elem., Montreal