005  Gabriel Porrata Vallejo, Co-Chair Everilis Santana, Dave Henry, Co-Chair Alice Wilson 006  Early morning ... registration begins 010  Publishers - Pearson and Triseum 080  The Cove Restaurant - Lovely setting for the Friday evening networking
100  Friday evening at "the Cove" - some of the participants. Battleship Cove in the background 105  Knewton's publisher display 130  Alex Cotter, Massasoit CC, "How Do We Engage Future Mathematics Majors?" 150  Jonathan McDonald, Cengage Learning, "Understanding Student Engagement: A Digital Perspective"
160 copy  Fei Xue, University of Hartford, "Flipping Classroom in Your Pocket" 170  Autumn Alden, Bristol CC, "Personal Connections in Emporium Developmental Math" 185  Fountain On the Campus 190  Raina Eckhardt, Manchester CC "A Program Evaluation of a Redesigned Developmental Mathematics Program"
205  Publisher - Academx Publishing 220  Eiki Satake, Emerson College, "Innovative Strategy: Calculate Probability for Complementary Events Logically" 230  John McColgan, Roxbury CC, "Equality for Adjuncts" 250  Eiki Satake, Emerson College, "Innovative Strategy: Calculate Probability for Complementary Events Logically"
260  Last year co-chair and former AMATYC President Wanda Garner with AMATYC Regional Vice president Ernie Danforth 280  Kim Ward, Eastern Connecticut State University; Joseph Mathey, University of Saint Joseph, Our Experiences Using Open Educational Resources 290  Barry Woods, Unity College, "STARS and Nonparametric Statistics" 300  Jay Jenkins, Pearson Education, "Creating the Right Path for Your Students Using Math Technology"
304  Publisher - Cengage 305  Ken Takvorian in African-insipred dress, Editor Phil Mahler, Wanda Garner 310  Adam Hartman, Johnson and Wales University, "Using Open Resources and Technology in Online Math and Physics Tutoring" 320  Annie Natiel, Knewton, "Better, Faster, Cheaper – Leveraging OER & Adaptive Learning to Improve Outcomes"
330  Natalya Vinogradova, Plymouth State University, "Algebra - Taking Shape" 340  Natalya had the group talking 350  Campus Scene 360  The signage was great! Hardly anyone got lost.
370  Lunch! 380  President Bob Cantin Introduces the Keynote Speaker 390  Keynote Speaker Dr. Baylor Fox-Kemper, Brown University, "Anthropogenic Climate Change is Not Yes or No, It's How Much?" 400  The President follows up; Steve Krevisky, Middlesex CC, CT attending
405  Publisher - McGraw Hill 410  David Cox was recognized for many years of service, including Treasurer and two-time conference chair 420  Dave is a tennis player and loved the NEMATYC-insignia tennis balls, to be used in Florida 430  Milena Cuellar, LaGuardia Community College; CUNY Andre Freeman, Capital Community College, "Carnegie Math Pathways: Equity Lessons from the Transformation of Math Learning"
440  Steve Krevisky, Middlesex Community College (CT), "Basketball's Sustainability: Ranking the Great Boston Celtics Players!" 450  NEMATYC (unofficial) Veteran's Club - Lynne DeSantis, Becky Norton, Phil Mahler, all U.S. Navy 460  Krzysztof Kubacki, Holyoke CC, accepts the Lois A Martin Student Math League Award from past President Dave Henry 470  Adriano Marzullo; Gary Davis; Donghui Yan University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; "Data Science: The First Two Years"
480  Dena Feldman, Framingham State University, "Sustainability in College Mathematics: A Framework to Target Waste Reduction" 490  Magdalena Luca, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, "Teaching the Millennials" 500  Judy King, New Hampshire Technical Institute-Concord's Community College, Steve Krevisky, Middlesex Community College Christine Mirbaha, Community College of Baltimore County Fari Sami, Hartford Community College, "Sustaining AMATYC's New ANets" 505  Publisher - GraphLock
Dan Avadikian  Dan Avedikian, Bristol CC, doing an introduction. He later spoke on "Using You-Tube for Open Educational Resources" 090  Battleship Cove - Nearby attraction with the battleship Massachusetts