NEMATYC 2011 Pictures

Wanda Garner, Cabrillo CC, California, Jack Keating, Massasoit CC, Mary Moynihan, Cape Cod CC, Cliff Martin, Massasoit CC, Carol Henry, Middlesex CC

As always, thank you to our Exhibitors.
Here, Thinkwell representative Jenni Teague and Jennifer Moore, Hawkes Learning Systems

Dave Henry Presenting with a group on Course Redesign, a hot topic lately

Mary M. Sullivan, Rhode Island College presents; left foreground is Carol Henry, Middlesex CC

Visible participants Kathy Willis, Southern New England U, and Dora Ottariano, Middlesex CC

The Course Redesign audience

Dave Henry, Bristol CC, Mike Caissie of iLearn, an audience member, Marsha Pease, North Shore CC, Carol Hay, Middlesex CC

The Local Arrangements were not too shabby!!
Mike Cassie of iLearn surveys the beach.

Phil Mahler, Middlesex CC, Marsha Pease, Wanda Garner, Carol Hay, Anne O'Shea, North Shore CC, Dave Henry Bristol CC, Lois and Cliff Martin, Massasoit CC, Dora Ottariano

The Friday evening soirée was held at the hotel facility.
The Corsairs and Cross Rip Oceanfront Resorts, Dennisport, MA, was a great location.

We started with hors d'oeuvres ... see what you missed!

Wanda Garner, Elaine Previte, Bristol CC, Andreana Grimaldo, Quinsigamond CC

Cliff Martin, Mary Sullivan, Massasoit CC, Judy King, NH Technical College, Mary Moynihan

Bob and Cathy Cantin, MassBay CC and Pearson Publishing, respectively

Dick Hilmer spoke Friday evening on Ecotourism

That would be Steve Krevisky, Middlesex CC (CT)

Alice Wilson, Bristol CC , Meredith Watts, MassBay CC, Mary Sullivan.
Meredith was elected Vice President at the meeting.

Carol Hay, Dora Ottariano, Phil Mahler (all Middlesex)


NEMATYC President Mary Moynihan greets the attendees,
and the Saturday presentations began.

With thanks to Wanda Garner for Saturday's pictures.

Eiki Satake, Emerson College

Anita Penta, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Irina Seceleanu, Bridgewater State University

Maria DeLucia, Middlesex CC (NJ)

Jim Donatelli, Texas Instruments

Dona Boccio, Queensborough Community College

Natalya Vinogradova, Plymouth State University

Kevin O'Brien, Pearson Publishing

Jack Keating, meditating, and Ken Takvorian, Mt Wachusett CC.
Ken was elected an at-large member of the Executive Board at the meeting.

Foreground: Bert Engvall, Middlesex CC, Denise Robichaud, Quinsigamond CC, Kathy Willis, Southern New Hampshire U.
Denise was elected an at-large member of the Executive Board at the meeting.

Past NEMATYC President Andrew Perry, Springfield College

Barbara Cavalieri, Dutchess CC

Jack Keating assists in a presentation, along with Greg Sethares, next pic.

Greg Sethares, Bristol CC

Jack Keating

Rebecca Metcalf, Bridgewater State University

Jennifer Moore, Hawkes Learning Systems

Cengage Representative Bryant Chrzan on Enhanced Web Assign

Susan McCourt sells raffle tickets

In the green sweater Carol Hay, and to her left, Mike Williamson, both of Middlesex CC.

Exhibitor Mike Caissie of iLearn talks to at-large Board member Judy King (NHTC)

Ian Winokur, Greenfield CC, was the luncheon speaker.
Ian is a Rubik's Cube speedsolver, and he spoke about his experience,
solving algorithms, and demonstrated that he can solve a Rubik's
Cube in less than 20 seconds!

Charles Mazmanian, Johnson & Wales University

Adam Hausknecht, UMass-Dartmouth

Steve Krevisky

Thinkwell Representative Jenni Teague

Andrea Grimaldo, Quinsigamond CC

Russell Coe, Suffolk County CC

Magdalena Luca, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Judy King NHTC

Larry Blaine, Plymouth State University

Lois Martin seals an envelope

The Corsairs and Cross Rip Oceanfront Resorts, Dennisport, MA, was the conference hotel – a great location.