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Springfield Technical Community College
Springfield, Massachusetts

NEMATYC 2008 was held at Springfield Community College on Friday and Saturday, April 11, 12, 2008. The theme was "Keeping it Real in 08". The conference co-chairs were Lauren Brewer and Vanessa Hill.

After Friday evening's dinner attendees visited the beautiful Basketball Hall of Fame.

Picture of table centerpiece

Conference Photos


Executive Committee - 2007-2008


Andrew Perry

Springfield College

Vice President

Carol Henry

Middlesex Community College

Past President

Elaine Previte

Bristol Community College


Dora Ottariano

Middlesex Community College


Lauren Brewer

Springfield Technical Community College


Rick Butterworth

Massasoit Community College

Newsletter Editor

Philip Mahler

Middlesex Community College

Newsletter Production Editor

Judy Carter

North Shore Community College

At-Large Member

Lauren Brewer

Springfield Technical Com Clg

At-Large Member

Curtis Mitchell

Greenfield Community College

At-Large Member Javad Moulai Roxbury Community College
At-Large Member Bonnie Wicklund Mt. Wachusett Community College


David Cox

Southern New Hampshire University

Conference Co-Chair

Lauren Brewer

Springfield Technical Community College

Conference Co-Chair

Vanessa Hill

Springfield Technical Community College
Student Math League Awards Coordinator Lois Martin Massasoit Community College

Annual Meeting
Highlights of the Minutes
April 12, 2008
The meeting was convened at 3:30 PM by Andrew Perry, NEMATYC President.  Andrew thanked the participants for coming to the conference and thanked Lauren Brewer and Vanessa Hill for co-chairing and hosting the conference.  Lauren stated they had a lot of help.
  1. Secretary's Report (Dora Ottariano)
    The Secretary's Report of April 21, 2007 was accepted

  2. Report from Northeast Regional VP of AMATYC (Jane Tanner)
    Jane Tanner brought greetings from AMATYC

  3. Meeting Announcements
    1. Fall NEMATYC Dinner Meeting (Judy Carter)
      The dinner meeting has been tentatively scheduled for September 26th.  Judy Carter is looking into holding it at the Paparazzi restaurant in Wellesley, MA.  This location is handy to Route 128 and the Mass Pike.  Andrew Perry will find the speaker for this event.

    2. NEMATYC 2009  Southern New Hampshire University (David Cox)
      David Cox, conference chair, stated that the 2009 NEMATYC conference will be held once again sometime in April.

    3. 2008 Summer Statistics Conference, June 15 - 20, Cape Cod (Mary Moynihan)
      Mary Moynihan reported that there will be 5 days of workshops and the conference is pretty full at this point.

    4. 2009 AMATYC Beyond Crossroads, Summer, Cape Cod (Mary Moynihan)
      The dates have been set for this conference.  The workshop dates are June 11 and 12, 2009.  Hotel rooms have been booked for June 10 and 11, 2009.  There is room for 100 attendees.

    5. 2008 AMATYC Conference, Washington, DC, November 20 - 23, 2008
      Andrew Perry reminded everyone that the 2008 AMATYC annual conference will be held in Washington, DC from November 20th to the 23rd.

    6. Other Meeting Announcements
      Carol Henry, Nominee for President, announced a tentative date of June 13th for NEMATYC Board Meeting.

  4. Student Math League Report (Lois Martin)
    Lois Martin presented $100 to each of the top five scorers from participating NEMATYC schools.  The recipients were:

    Bristol Community College                Rungfeng Chen
    Cape Cod Community College            Christopher Park
    Middlesex Community College             Guang Li
    Springfield Technical Community College        Artem Maksor
    Southern Maine Community College            Guyin Chang

    Lois also stated that this was a successful year and there was lots of participation.  The top 4 schools in the Northeast Region were from NY.  Southern Maine CC came in 4th and Massasoit CC came in 5th.

  5. AMATYC 2008 Hospitality Room Donation
    A motion was made to contribute $200 for the hospitality room at AMATYC 2008 and it carried.

  6. Elections
    The election results were as follows:

    Carol Henry, President
    Judy King, Vice President
    Dora Ottariano, Secretary
    Member At Large, Eiki Satake
    Member At Large, Mary Sullivan
    Member At Large, Meredith Watts

  7. Other Business and Announcements
    1. Steve Krevisky reported that the MATYCONN Meeting will take place on April 25, 2008 at Capitol Community College.  Phil Mahler will be speaking about Beyond Crossroads.  He spoke about the International Congress on Mathematics Education Conference to be held in Monterey, Mexico from July 6 to July 13, 2008. He is still interested in organizing a Northeast Regional Meeting to bring the affiliates together.  Jane Tanner sent him guidelines for such a meeting.  We probably need a 2 year lead time.  Steve is willing to be the point person.

    2. Roberta Kieronski reminded us that we still need to report Constitution changes to the IRS.  The executive committee will discuss this issue at the June board meeting.  Roberta, also, spoke about a Pre-finite Math class.  It would be an introductory finite class instead of a regular Intermediate Algebra class.

    3. Carol Hay reported that a MAC^3 conference will be held at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, MA from July 15th to the 18th.  The registration forms can be found at the AMATYC website.  If there are not 30 registrants by June 1st, the conference will not run.  To participate, you need one math person and one from a different discipline.  During the workshop, the team will develop modules or projects.

  8. Door Prizes
    Vanessa Hill thanked the sponsors who donated the door prizes.  Door prizes were then given out.
Andrew Perry thanked everyone for coming.
Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Dora Ottariano



Techniques for using MyMathLab

Pamela B. Omer, Western New England College

Techniques for using MyMathLab to supplement a Fundamentals of Precalculus and Introductory to Statistics Course will be presented. MyMathLab has been used for several semesters and the presenter will discuss the benefits and downfalls of the program. The presenter will provide helpful suggestions for the downfalls and share her overall experience with this on-line program.

P-Value Fallacy and Bayesian alternative: Measure the strength of evidence

Eiki Satake and Philip P. Amato, Emerson College

In interpreting statistical results, P-value and Hypothesis testing are the most widely used Classical statistical methods by many researchers in almost all fields. But, in reality, both methods rarely answer a question and draw a conclusion that involves “statistical significance” of the test results. We will present several main reasons why such methods are inappropriate in measuring the strength of evidence. This argument eventually leads to another method of measuring evidence, called Bayes Factor. We will also compare two different approaches, Classical versus Bayesian, based on data analysis technique and interpretation of the result.

Six problems that every SML participant should know AND The magic of magic squares

Richard Burns and Jean-Marie Magnier, Springfield Technical Community College

Six problems that every NEMATYC contest participant (and their advisors) should know.” We will present six problems that are not covered in the usual Math course, but are valuable additions to the contestants’ knowledge base when taking the SML test.

Accessibility using a document camera

Zee Haddad, Springfield Technical Community College

New England baseball players made it real!

Stephen Krevisky, Middlesex (CT) Community College

Many New England baseball players graced the playing fields, such as Rabbit Maranville, Leo Durocher, Vic Raschi, Carlton Fisk, Pie Traynor, and others. We will use mathematical formulas and statistics to analyze their player contributions, as well as those of the teams that they played for. We will examine Pythagorean Projections for the teams, as well as Adjusted Earned Run Averages for pitchers, and Slugging Averages or On-Base Averages for batters. This is intended for teachers of Algebra, Statistics, and Quantitative Literacy.

Divisibility Rules

Mark Snyder, Fitchburg State College

After reviewing the well-known rules for telling whether an integer is divisible by 2, 3, 5, 9, 11, or a power of 10, we give an extremely simple rule for divisibility by any odd integer that is not a multiple of 5.


Stimulation in the age of simulation (9:30 – 11:15)

Seth Gibson, Vermont Community College

In this age of virtual realities and cyber-simulation, I have gone back to some hands-on problem solving, in order to make the dreaded word problems more acceptable and increase the student involvement in solving problems by methods often "outside of the box". We'll solve a few of my problems; bring some of yours to share, too.

TI83/84 plus statistical calculator tutorials

Walter E. Stone, North Shore Community College

It is helpful for introductory statistics students to follow step-by-step instructions when first using a new statistical procedure on the TI-83/84 plus calculator. This presentation will highlight the use of tutorial materials that guide students through generating statistics, obtaining confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Bring your calculator!

MyMathLab Commercial presentation

Kevin O’Brien, Addison Wesley and Prentice-Hall

During this presentation, the Addison Wesley and Prentice-Hall representatives will present two web-based resources being offered with their math texts. These web resources would be of interest to instructors looking to offer easily accessed online homework, quizzes, practice problems and tutorials to enhance a traditional course, as well as those teaching hybrid and online courses. Both these resources correlate directly with the scope and sequence of math texts that Addison Wesley and Prentice-Hall publishes.

A gentle Introduction to Gaussian Curvature

David Mello, Johnson and Wales

An introduction to the geometry of two dimensional surfaces. This might serve as a pedagogical tool for Calculus II and Calculus III teachers who are seeking some enrichment material for their better students.

One-sample inferential statistics using Excel

Barry Woods, Unity College

One aspect of Inferential Statistics is to test hypotheses concerning a single population parameter. While Excel has many such two sample stats, unfortunately, Excel has no one sample stats. This presentation offers new modes of expanding Excel’s capabilities to include one sample inferential statistics (Z 1-mean, t 1-mean, Z 1-proportion, and 1-variance or standard deviation).

Use of Technology in Class Leads to Conceptual Understanding of Statistics

Magdalena Luca, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Using TI calculators in a Statistics course, in particular in the evolution of teaching an Introductory Statistics course to students enrolled in pharmacy and health sciences degree programs. The use of statistical applications on TI calculators allowed for more lecture time being spent on independent problem solving, analyzing and interpreting real world data, and validating statistical analyses in medical research papers, which in turn led to the development of analytical thinking and a deeper understanding of statistics. I will provide TI 83 calculators and formula sheets to the audience in order to facilitate familiarity with the built-in statistical applications.

MyMathLab Commercial presentation

Kevin O’Brien, Addison Wesley and Prentice-Hall

See the earlier description. For experienced users.

Keeping Calculus Relevant

Robert E Kowalczyk and Adam O. Hausnecht, UMass Dartmouth

How do you keep calculus relevant in this day and age of calculators, computer software, text messaging, iPhones, and the internet? We will demonstrate how you can use state-of-the-art technology and innovative software to provide strong connections between the theory of calculus, its use in the real world, and students’ understanding of calculus.

Lessons Learned from Elementary Mathematics

Professional Development

Andrew Perry, Springfield College

The presenter will share wisdom gleaned from years of teaching in-service elementary teachers in professional development (PD) workshops, as well as his ruminations on the beauty of elementary mathematics and the sorts of mathematical training that elementary teachers, in his humble opinion, ought to have.

Is Barbie for Real? (1:30 -3:15)

Kathleen Rondinone, Southern CT State University

Demonstrations of several lessons employing Barbie and will include handouts for you to use in your classes. Topics include: ratio/proportion, line of best fit, Venn Diagrams, and normal distributions. (Manipulatives – and Barbies – will be available for use during the talk.)

Title III for Developmental Mathematics

Andreanna Grimaldo,Quinsigamond Community College

In 2001, Quinsigamond Community College was awarded a 5-year, Title III grant. Part of the grant focused on QCC's Developmental Mathematics Program creating course-level Instructor Resource Manuals, standardizing curriculum, instituting departmental final exams, providing professional development opportunities, technology training, and the creation and administrative support of the Developmental Mathematics Coaches position.

Introduction to Microsoft OneNote

Mary E. Sullivan, Massasoit Community College

Learn how to use this easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program to organize your teaching materials, plan projects, and conduct research. We will cover formatting notes, inserting files and web content, recording audio notes, and sharing information with others.

Engage students using high and low technology

Robert Cantin, MassBay Community College

AMATYC encourages us to engage developmental math students using technology. Presenter will showcase selected techniques currently used in the classroom, from low tech "portable white boards" through cutting edge digital graphics, used to naturally and effectively engage students in developmental math classes. Open discussion will allow participants to share tools they have found successful.


Exhibitors & Sponsors 2008

Thanks to our sponsors/exhibitors!

Cengage Learning
Mike Lee, Chris Fior

Hawkes Learning Systems
Kristen Elmore, Brittany Walker

Houghton Mifflin
Maureen Duffy, Kara Freiddle

Chris Hyde

Pearson Education
Kathy Campbell, Kevin O'Brien

Pearson - Addison Wesley
Antonio Arvelo

Jennifer Teague


Registration List 2008

Registrant College
Lioudmila Balanovich Univ of New Hampshire - Manchester
Sally Barney Massasoit Community College
Frank Battles Mass. Maritime Academy
Donna Bedinelli Springfield Tech Comm College
Lauren Brewer Springfield Tech Comm College
Richard Burns Springfield Tech Comm College
Robert Cantin Mass Bay Community College
Judy Carter North Shore Community College
Michael Chandler Univ of New Hampshire - Manchester
Lora Connelly North Shore Community College
David Cox Southern NH University
Linda Dart-Kathios Middlesex Commumity College
Roberta Demers Dean College
Lynne DeSantis Hesser College
Mark Duston Johnson & Whales Univ
Elain Falcone Mount Wachusetts Community College
Neil Flaherty New Hampshire Technical Institute
Seth Gibson Vermont Community College
Sheila Grassetti Springfield Tech Comm College
Andreana Grimaldo Quinsigamond Community College
Leonard Groeneveld Springfield Tech Comm College
Myrta Groeneveld Springfield Tech Comm College
Zee Haddad Springfield Tech Comm College
Mako Haruta University of Hartford
Adam Hausknecht UMass Dartmouth
Carol Hay Middlesex Commumity College
Joe Heise New Hampshire Technical Institute
Carol Henry Middlesex Commumity College
David Henry Massasoit Community College
Vanessa Hill Springfield Tech Comm College
Dwight Horand Wentworth Institute of Technology
Alec Ingraham Southern NH University
John Jacobs Mass Bay Community College
Gail Jacques Johnson & Whales Univ
King Judy New Hampshire Technical Institute
Jack Keating Massasoit Community College
Mary Kehoe Moynihan Cape Cod Community College
Laura Kelleher Mass Maritime Academy
Joseph Kieronski Univ of New Hampshire - Manchester
Roberta Kieronski Univ of New Hampshire - Manchester
Julianne Kinsman Springfield Tech Comm College
Bujar Konjusha Springfield Tech Comm College
Robert Kowalczyk Univ. Mass Dartmouth
Stephen Krevisky Middlesex Commumity College
Paul Laverty Mount Wachusetts Community College
Rita Libova Mount Wachusetts Community College
Mary Lloyd-Evans NHTI, Concord Comm College
Magdelena Luca Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Svcs.
Beth Lucas North Shore Community College
Jean-Marie Magnier Springfield Tech Comm College
Philip Mahler Middlesex Commumity College
Clifford Martin Massasoit Community College
Lois Martin Massasoit Community College
Rumiya Masagutova North Shore Community College
Charles Mazmanian Johnson & Whales Univ
Heidi McCann Mount Wachusetts Community College
Donna McCart Southern Vermont College
Jim McDonald Springfield Tech Comm College
David Mello Johnson & Whales Univ
Farzaneh Najmabadi Mass Bay Community College
Kevin O'Brien MyMathLab
Robert O'Connell Mass Bay Community College
Pam Omer Western New England College
Joyce Oster Johnson & Whales Univ
Dora Ottariano Middlesex Commumity College
Marsha Pease North Shore Community College
Gail Peretti Fisher College
Andrew Perry Springfield College
Elaine Previte Bristol Community College
Kathleen Rondinone Southern Connecticut State University
Domenico Rosa Post University
Diane Ryzewicz Springfield Tech Comm College
Eiki Satake Emerson College
Sharon Sheng Springfield Tech Comm College
Mark Snyder Fitchburg State College
Walter Stone North Shore Community College
Mary Sullivan Massasoit Community College
Kenneth Takvorian Mount Wachusetts Community College
Jane Tanner Onondaga Community College
Carmine Vallese Johnson & Whales Univ
Meredith Watts Mass Bay Community College
Bonnie Wickland Mount Wachusetts Community College
Michael Williamson Middlesex Commumity College
Kathy Willis Southern NH University
Barry Woods Unity College
Maureen Woolhouse Quinsigamond Community College
Alphonse Yapo Springfield Tech Comm College