NEMATYC 2008 - Springfield Technical Community College

Sally Barney prepares to introduce Pam Omer presenting on Techniques for Using MyMathLab

Rich Burns and Jean-Marie Magnier ready to present Six Problems that Every SML Participant Should Know

Rich and Jean-Marie are introduced by Judy Carter

Eager for enlightenment...

Mark Snyder presents Divisibilty Rules. In Mark's book, it does.

The great Friday evening event was at the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Heidi McCann and Ken Takvorian present Click Your Way to a More Engaged Classroom

Barry Woods presents on One Sample Inferential Statistics Using Excel

Thanks to the Publishers!

Pearson representative Antonio Arvelo talks to an attendee.

The Duffy Sisters, Maureen Duffy and Kara Freiddle

Jim McDonald and Donna Bedinelli discuss the fine points of textbook browsing.

Lora Connely inspects...

Some of the STCC volunteers: Lydia Flores, Maria Fonseca, Nancy Murphy (all from the Testing and Assessment Center), Co-chair Lauren Brewer, Jim McDonald, Donna Bedinelli, Co-chair Vanessa Hill

Bonnie Wicklund and Rita Libova
Lunch - Saturday

Co-chair Vanessa Hill introduces STCC President

Ira Rubenzahl, President of Springfield Tech welcomes the attendees at lunch

Jane Tanner, AMATYC Northeast Vice President, address the attendees

Jack Keating solicits help for the local committee for AMATYC 2010 - in Boston!

Vanessa closes the luncheon speakers.

Ken Takvorian, Heidi McCann, Rita Libova, Bonnie Wicklund, Jane Tanner

Dom Rosa, Lora Connelly, Rumiya Masagutova, Beth Lucas, Marsha Pease (an ACCCESS fellow), Walter Stone, Judy Carter

Elaine Previte, 2, 3

Andreana Grimaldo, Maureen Woolhouse, Elaine Falcone

Sally Barney, Lioudmila Balanovich, Mike Chandler, Roberta Kieronski, Joe Kieronski, Mary Sullivan, Dave Henry

Bob and Diane Cantin

Jack Keating, Mary Sullivan, Dave Henry

Jim McDonald, Donna Bedinelli, Lauren Brewer, Vanessa Hill, Alec Ingraham

Judy King, Neil Flaherty, Joe Heise, Mary Lloyd-Evans, all from New Hampshire Technical Institute

Bob O'Connell, Meredith Watts Bob Cantin

Jack Keating, Mary Sullivan, Dave Henry, and the happily retired John Jacobs returns after peregrinations about the country in a travel trailer.

Lioudmila Balanovich, Mike Chandler, Roberta Kieronski, Joe Kieronski

The Middlesex crew: Dora Ottariano, Linda Dart-Kathios, Mike Williamson, Phil Mahler, Carol Henry, Carol Hay

The table centerpieces were replete with math humor. ... Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?

President Andrew Perry presents thoughts on and experience with the preparation of K-12 teachers.

Andreanna Grimaldo is thanked for her presentation on a Title III project at Quinsigamond CC by presider Maureen Woolhouse.

The Springfield Armory Museum, as seen from the events center of the conference.

A bit of the STCC campus, with the old armory buildings and parade ground.

The smiley faces captured the mood at this great conference.

Looking west from the events center.

Steve Krevisky speaks on MATYCONN, ICME-11 and other things.

Let the Games begin.

Door prizes. 

Some of the winners.

Vanessa led the festivities. Ken Takvorian a winner. In a subdued, for him, shirt.

We're sure it wasn't rigged, but President Perry was an early winner.

Steve Krevisky a winner. But we all knew that.

That would be David Cox, who will host NEMATYC again in 2009. He was cochair in 2007!

Jack Keating another winner.

Eiki Satake was a winner, and was elected an at-large member of the Executive Committee

Meredith Watts won, and was also elected an at-large member of the XC.

Co-Chair Lauren Brewer a winner too.

Dave Henry won last year too. But who's counting!

President-elect Carol Henry wins too. But it isn't rigged, honest!

The Scibelli Building, conference site - 7th floor.

Deliso and Putnam Halls, on the STCC campus.