Registration Area, Steve Krevisky, Elaine Previte (Program Chair)

John  Jacobs holds the NEMATYC clock he created for this year's raffle. John has been doing this for years. Steve Krevisky, Lois and Cliff Martin inspect.

Eiki Satake presents on The Gambler's Ruin Problem

Howard Tinberg, JP Nadeau and Michael Geary present on "Designing an Effective Writing Assignment"

Lianna Gray prepares lunch gifts for attendees: chocolate and Portugese Sweet Roles, a local specialty

Judy Carter, Roberta Kieronski, Mary Moynihan, Cliff Martin

The Mt. Wachusett crew: Ken Takvorian, Elaine Falcone, Bonnie Wicklund, Paul Laverty,  Rita Libova

Middlesex folks: Carol Henry, Beth Fraser, Linda Dart-Kathios, Dora Ottariano, Carol Hay

Joe Kieronski, John and Gina Jacobs, Bob O'Connell, Orland Fernandez

Sally Barney, Lauren Brewer, Roberta Kieronski, Vanessa Hill

Lianna Gray, Judy King, Ruth Heath

Joanne Resnick entertains after dinner

Cindy Berlinger entertains after dinner

Program Chair Elaine Previte entertains too. Charlie Elder is the Accompaniest.

Cliff Alpect performs "The House of the Rising Sun"

Austyn Ellese Mayfield, Charlie Elder, Accompanist

"Lyrical" - Peter Plourde

Peter is an adjunct professor at Middlesex (MA) and an accomplished rap artist.

Program Chair Previte, BCC President Jack Sbrega, BCC Dean ???

Seats in the front available because... everyone is in the back!

President Sbrega greets the attendees at the opening session.

Stephanie Costa

Robert Kowalczyk and Adam Hausknecht

Becky Warren of the Lowell National Historical Park

Judy Carter and Beth Lucas get introduced by Andrew Perry

MyMathLab presentation by Kevin O'Brien

Amanda Hathaway

BCC President Jack Sbrega, Elaine Previte,
Mary Moynahan, Ronald Pitt

Mary Kehoe Moynihan

Janice Roden, Judy Carter, Beth Lucas, Anne O'Shea, Lora Connely

Lois Martin sells raffle tickets to Carol Henry and Marie Caruso

Breaks outside facilitated by a beautiful campus and great weather.

Lioudmila Balanovich, Kathy Willis, Alek Ingraham,
David Cox, Roberta Kieronski

Maureen "Mo" Duffy (center) and her sister, Kara Freiddle, with Phil Mahler

Lioudmila Balanovich and Roberta Kieronski

Magdalena Luca,  Gary Tatronis

Saturday Lunch

The Middlesex Contingent: Phil Mahler, Mary Mogan-Vallon, Linda Dart-Kathios, Mike Williamson, Carol Henry, Bob Cantin, Dora Ottariano, Carol Hay, Vijaya Vanga, Becky Warren (National Park Service), Beth Fraser, Marie Caruso

Fran Seigle impressed everyone with her ideas and her colorful collection of many manipulatives.

Those nails are not glued togehter. You had to be there ...

Steve Kreisky presents on International opportunities

The always eagerly-awaited... business meeting.

President Andrew Perry conducs the meeting.

Lois Martin presented awards for winners in the inaugural edition of the NEMATYC Student Math League

Conference chair elaine previte kicks off the door prize lottery.

Many door prizes were the last thing on the agenda.