Miscellaneous pictures from the conference.
As Herb Gross, founding President would say, a good time was had by all.

01 Past President Maureen Woolhouse and Cliff Martin join Tour 1 at the Zimmerman House

02 The group begens the tour of this Frank Lloyd Wright house.



05 Chris Toy of the Program Committee


07 A contingent from Massasoit CC.
Billy Mason, Dave Henry, Jack Keating, Alex Cotter, Lois Martin, Stephane Cherduville, Kerryn Snyder, Cliff Martin, Rekha Agarwalla, Swans Paul, Ryan Shea

08 That would be Dave Cox and Alec Ingraham on duty at registration.

09 Attendees love the textbook displays

10 The lobby had the textbook displays and registration - a great place to congregate and meet colleagues from around New England

11 Alec Ingraham and Kathy Willis on duty

12 David Cox opens the meeting at 9 am on Saturday morning.
13 Popcorn and Milk Duds at the ready, for the opening session. That's Carol Henry, Middlesex, in the pink, and Bob O'Connell, Mass Bay, and Dora Ottariano, Middlesex, behind her.
14 Maryann Justinger, AMATYC Northeast Vice President, and Jack Keating, immediate past Northeast VP, compare notes.

15 Andrew Perry presents on 19th century mathematics textbooks.

16 Person A can do a job in 8 hours. B can do it in 6 hours. C can do the job in 5 hours. At what time do the trains meet?

17 Eiki Satake, Emerson College, presents on explaining coincidences. Most interesting... next year he can follow-up on the prize winners. See #41, then #49 ...

18 Mike Cullinane, Keene State, presents on assigning authentic test grades.

19 Jack Keating, John Pazdar, Pat Hirshy

20 Steve Krevisky, thinking baseball

21 The registration area was a great gathering place

22 Textbook Representatives' Display - always appreciated!

23 President Elaine Previte mixes with some Middlesex folks - Phil Mahler, Dora Ottariano, Carol Henry, Michael Williamson, Mary Mogan-Vallon

24 John Pazdar, Pat Hirshy, Dave Bavelas, Steve Krevisky - the Connecticut mob was well represented. :-)

25 Alec Ingraham, Chris Toy, Kathy Willis on duty

26 Past President Roberta Kieronski, green, with Donna Laferrier, Lioudmila Balanovich, Kirsten Hildonen, all from the UNH Manchester Learning Center

27 Rita Libova, Mt. Wachusett, and Roberta Kieronski, UNH Manchester

28 The view from command central...


30 That's MATYCONN President Joe Karnowski on the right, talking to Jack Keating

31 Even on an overcast day the campus was beautiful.
This is Robert Frost Hall

32 Wow! and we thought spring doesn't come to New Hampshire before July 1. 

33 That's Newsletter production editor Judy Carter standing at the table

34 Jack K, Steve K, Elaine P (for President)

35 Joyce Oster, Elaine, Sue Hoy

36 John Jacobs created another of his renowned NEMATYC radian clocks. Lois Martin models, and Dom Rosa is at John's right.

37 The food and facilities were great!

38 Derek Moore, Gateway CC, CT, ?, Joe Karnowski, Norwalk CC, CT

39 Lois Martin sells chances on the NEMATYC clock.

40 President Previte presents a special recognition award to former AMATYC Northeast Region VP Jack Keating.

41 Both Jack and Lois are incredulous that the clock winner is... Roberta Kieronski! (She's a recent NEMATYC past president, but we are sure it's just a coincidence...)

42 Elaine honors Past President Maureen Woolhouse. 

43 Lois Martin presents on the AMATYC Student Math League.

44 No one believed her when she said there would be a quiz...

45 David Cox thanks the rest of the program committee, and everyone thanked him and the committee. They did an outstanding job.

46 Treasurer Lois Martin presents her Treasurer's Report. Elaine wonders if there is enough there to retire to an offshore island...

47 AMATYC VP Maryann Justinger addressed the group. We were grateful that she made the 8 hour trip from New York.

48 Elaine thanks Maureen Woohouse, outgoing Past President.

49 David and Kathy prime the pump for distributing the excellent door prizes. There were 56 attendees at the business meeting!

50 In the first of a strange seriies of "concidences", Secretary-elect Dora Ottariano wins the first door prize - and blows David's mind when she doesn't select a rare book about Leonardo DeVinci.

51 Next "coincidence": President-elect Andrew Perry wins the second door prize!

52 And we are asked to believe that AMATYC VP Maryann Justinger's winning the third prize is just another coincidence. ... David remixed the paper slips in the hat at this point. :-)

55 That's Dave Henry of Massasoit, a prize winner.

56 And this is ???

57 Seth Gibson's trek from Middlebury VT is further rewarded with a prize. And he owns four planimeters.

58 Lioudmila Balanovich wins.

59 At-Large member-elect Lauren Brewer wins! Another coincidence, of course. :-)

60 And Joe Kieronski wins... after wife Roberta won the clock. Sure! A clean sweep for the Kieronski's. But no one would disagree that they have given a great deal to NEMATYC, so maybe good works are rewarded after all.

61 Jack Keating wins, but modesty and perhaps not wanting to feed a conspiracy theory about who was winning, prevents him from accepting a prize.

62 Donna Laferrier is a winner.