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1 Bunker Hill Community College
Conference Site

2 L to R: Geri Curley, Co-Chair; Abdul Kalokoh; Mbaira Maorongarti; Shirley MacKenzie, Co-Chair; William MacKenzie

3 Eiki Satake presents on the mathematics of finance

4 Lois Martin, Kerryn Snyder (Massasoit CC) present using tablets (electronic kind) to enhance instruction

5 Attentive attendees enjoy a presentation; Cliff Martin and Gary Getchell in the forground.

6 On Friday evening we moved to the Boston Museum of Science for a wonderful reception and museum visit. The room "Mathematika" was a big hit.

7 L to R at the evening reception: Walter Stone, (North Shore), Judy Carter (North Shore), Lois Martin (Massasoit), Phil Mahler (Middlesex), Alan Tussy (Citrus College - CA)

8 The reception at the museum provided some beautiful vistas of Boston on a beautful April day.




12 The power color on Friday was.... Neon Pink. President Elaine Previte (Bristol) and Past President Maureen Woolhouse (Quinsigamond) at the reception.

13 North Shore was well represented. L to R: Janice Roden, Beth Lucas, Suellen Robinson, Anne O'Shea, Lora Connely, John Tobey - all in addition to Walter Stone, Judy Carter (Picture 7)

14 Author Alan Tussy presents on "The Eureka! Experience" assisted, momentarily, by Phil Mahler

15 Kevin O'Brien and Michelle Renda, Pearson: Addison-Wesley, Prentice Hall, present on "Effective Web-Based Tutorials"

16 On Saturday we left the campus, accompanied by beautiful weather...

17 ...proceded across the bridge from Charlestown to Cambridge... (OK, most took shuttles; Cliff Martin leads this intrepid group of walkers)

18 ... to the beautiful Royal Sonesta Hotel...

19 ...for a wonderful lunch!

20 Roberta Kieronski and Lois Martin conduct the raffle of four clocks made by John Jacobs...

21 ...they didn't take no for an answer. :-)

22 A beautiful setting...

23 ...with great views...

24 ...and good food...

25 ...made for a wonderful, fun lunch.

26 John Jacobs (Mass Bay) and one of his clocks. To his left Bob O'Connell (Mass Bay), to his right Rick Butterworth (Massasoit)

27 John chooses the first clock winner. John's pi-clocks were popular prizes.

28 The Middlesex contingent. L to R: Dora Ottariano, Carol Hay, Mary Mogan-Vallon, Jane Murphy, Phil Mahler, Nancy Harrington. They won two of the four clocks! Calculate C(6,2)/C(100,4)!

29 Some of the BHCC team who provided such a wonderful conference: L to R: Geri Curley, Co-Chair, Ted Carlson, Shirley MacKenzie, Co-Chair, Joanne Manville, Katherine Gustafson

30 Elaine Previte, Sue Hoy, Lois Martin: Three Executive Committee members return from lunch

31 The power color on Saturday was.... GREEN. President Elaine Previte (Bristol) and Past President Maureen Woolhouse (Quinsigamond) Saturday afternoon.

32 Leonid Tunik, Houghton Mifflin, presents H-M teaching tools

33 The facilites were great!

34 Steve Krevisky rises to address the group at the business meeting. To his left, John Karnowski, incoming MATYCONN President

35 The business meeting was held in a beautiful ampitheater.

36 The webmaster surveys the landscape.

37 Elaine and Geri get ready for the many doorprizes.

38 MATYCONN's John Karnowski was a prizewinner!

39 Rev. Dr. Christian Agunwamba (BHCC), prizewinner

40 Ted Carlson (BHCC) helped out at the conference and was also a prizewinner!