Community College
Lowell, MA


The 1992 Meeting was held at the Lowell (CITY) campus of Middlesex Community College, Lowell, Massachusetts, on Saturday, March 14. The theme was Teaching in a Changing Environment.

In addition to the meeting, NEMATYC offered an NSF funded workshop Teaching Calculus with a Computer Algebra System (CAS). This workshop was conducted by Don Small, of the United States Military Academy at West Point, who received the grant and provided the opportunity to NEMATYC. It was held on Thursday, May 21 through Saturday, May 23. The 24 participants stayed at the Lowell Sheraton Inn, next to the Middlesex Community College campus, and the sessions were conducted at the college's campus. Rooms and meals were paid by the grant.

For logistical reasons this writer did the Newsletter in 1992, and created the unofficial NEMATYC logo at that time.

NEMATYC Officers


Jack Keating, Massasoit Community College

Vice President

Philip Mahler, Middlesex CC


Jean Burr Smith, University of Maine


Paul Calter, Vermont Technical College

Philip Mahler and Regina Goodwin cochaired the program committee. Beth Fraser was the coordinator for the Lowell Site, and Elaine Cinq-Mars coordinated the publishers' exhibit. At the business meeting, run by President Jack Keating, it was announced that Steve Krevisky, Middlesex Community College (CT) was vice president, and Judy Carter, North Shore Community College, was elected the new Newsletter editor, and Eiki Satake, Emerson College, was elected treasurer.

Joe Menard, CCRI (emeritus) was an invited guest, and turned over his History of NEMATYC to 1989 to Philip Mahler.



Financial Statement as of July, 1993, excluding the 1993 meeting
Submitted by Philip Mahler





Carried forward from Jean Smith, former treasurer



1992 Meeting










Lowell Sheraton (150 -exactly- lunches)




postage to Canada



clock given to Jean Smith



printing for AMATYC committee



copies of AMATYC directory



Hospitality suite donation for AMATYC '93



AMATYC '93 committee expenses paid to Jack Keating











Income Tax



This account was closed on March 7, 1994 and $3,713.32 was sent to the NEMATYC Treasurer.


Registration List

Amatangelo, Alfred N., Central Maine Tech College
Amato, Dr. Philip, Emerson College
Angel, Allen, Monroe CC
Archambault, CSJ, S. Claire, Regis College
Battles, Frank, Mass Maritime Academy
Baum, Donna, HBJ / Saunders
Bell, Bruce, Cape Cod CC
Bell, Dan, Springfield Technical Community Col.
Belzer, Leslie, Cape Cod CC
Benjamin, Elliot, Unity College
Blain, Susan, Mt Wachusett CC
Boelke, William , Central Connecticut State U
Boles, Martha J, Bradford College
Bookbinder, Joan, Johnson & Wales University
Bradley, Michael J., Merrimack College
Brand, Cathy, Wm. C. Brown
Bridgeman, Amy, Prentice Hall
Brodnitzki, William, Northwestern Connecticut CC
Brown, James, Northern Essex CC
Bruenjes, Linda, Bay State College
Buffington, Charlotte, NH VocTechCollege
Cabral, Mary, Middlesex CC
Carter, Judy, North Shore CC
Caruso, Marie, Middlesex CC
Cavanaugh, Linda M., Greenfield CC
Chapin, Clifford, Vermont Technical College
Cinq-Mars, Elaine, Middlesex CC
Corbeil, Ann, Massasoit CC
Costa, Mary, Middlesex CC
Coughlin, Ann M, Northern Essex CC
Cronin, Neil, Mcgraw-Hill
Currier, Miriam, Quinnpiac College
Dick, Tony, Worth
Drelles, Paul G, University Of Maine
Driscoll, Claire, Northeastern University
Duffy, Maureen, Houghton Mifflin
Dwyer, Kenneth, Quinsigamond CC
Edmonds, Roger, Middlesex CC
Evans, Ann, Newbury College
Falcone, Elaine, Mt. Wachusett CC
Farnum, Theresa, Franklin Pierce College
Fraser, Beth, Middlesex CC
Gilligan, William, Emerson College
Giordano, Aniko D., Middlesex CC
Goguen, Mary Lee, Middlesex CC
Goland, David L, Quinsigamond CC
Goodwin, Regina E, Middlesex CC
Gougeon, Melinda, Greenfield CC
Greenleaf, Yvonne, Rivier College
Grimaldi, Janice H, American International College
Hall, Enid, Memorial University Of Newfoundland
Hamilton, Sr. Grace P., Massachusetts Bay CC
Hanlon, Phyllis M., Northeastern University
Harkins, Barbara, Middlesex CC
Harris, Robert, Middlesex CC
Hay, Carol, Necco/Merrimack College
Heckman, Edwin, Mt Wachusett CC
Herrelko, Janet M., Greater Lowell Regional VoTech School
Hertzberg, Janet K., New Hampshire Tech Institute
Horan, Dwight, Wentworth Institute Of Technology
Hunter, Kathleen, Macmillan
Ingraham, Alec, New Hampshire College
Jackman, Arthur A., Dean Junior College
Jacobs, John C., Massachusetts Bay CC
Julin, David, Holyoke CC
Keating, Jack, Massasoit CC
Kelleher, Laura, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Kemen, Marcia, Wentworth Institute Of Technology
Kenney, Margaret, The Math Institute
Kessler, Jim, Vermont Technical College
Kieronski, Roberta, Unh At Manchester
Kleinman, Joan N., Middlesex CC
Koshy, Thomas, Framingham State College
Krevisky, Steve, Middlesex CC
Kuster, Ken, Wiley
Latina, Dr. Michael, CC Of Rhode Island
Laverty, Paul, Mt Wachusett CC
Levasseur, Kenneth, Umass At Lowell
Loiseau, Roger, Waterbury State Technical College
Mac Leod, Susan, Greenfield CC
Macadam, David, Cape Cod CC
Mackenzie, Shirley, Bunker Hill CC
Mahler, Philip, Middlesex CC
Malymeik, Jan, Middlesex CC
Martin, Lois, Massasoit CC
Martin, Clifford, Whitman-Hanson Regional H.S.
Massaro, Jon, Tunxis CC
May, Dr. Sherry, Memorial U. Of Newfoundland
McAlpine-Setterlund, Linda, Massasoit CC
McCarthy, Peter, Northern Essex CC
McGillicuddy, Jeanette, Rivier College
Melita, Joe, Keene State College
Menard, Joseph W, CC Of Rhode Island
Miller, Darlene, Vermont Technical College
Murphy, Brian, Hbj / Saunders
Murphy, Jane B., Middlesex CC
Needham, Marianne, CC Of Rhode Island
Newman, Rochelle, Northern Essex CC
Nobrega, Patricia J., Mt. Wachusett CC
Panitz, Ted, Cape Cod CC
Paris, Jim, Unh At Manchester
Parsons, Ann, Northeastern University
Paul, Richard, University Of Maine At Machias
Penya, Anita A., Wentworth Inst Of Technology
Pike, Carol, Greenfield CC
Piro, Joe, Unh At Manchester
Pirri, Catherine, Northern Essex CC
Plain, Walter, Wentworth Institute Of Technology
Plourde, Ralph A., University Of New England
Popp, Terry, Cape Cod CC
Rabinowitz, Stanley,, Alliant Computer Systems Corp
Redmond, Paulette, Northern Essex CC
Redmond, Maureen, Pws Kent
Reed, Phil, Worth
Restrepo, Gustavo, Middlesex CC
Rock, Robert, Middlesex CC
Rosa, Domenico, Teikyo Post University
Rosnick, Peter, Westfield State College
Saada, Nivan, University Of Maine
Satake, Eiki, Emerson College
Savicki, Helene S, Dean Junior College
Seery, Helen, Massachusetts Bay CC
Simon, Bonnie, Mattatuck CC
Simon, Michael, Housatonic CC
Soderbom, Kath, Massasoit CC
Souther, John, Whitman-Hanson Regional H.S.
St. Vincent, Michael, Merrimack College
Stasik, Stefan, Middlesex CC
Sullivan, John L, Northern Essex CC
Sullivan, James, Massachusetts Bay CC
Swain, Stuart, University Of Maine At Machias
Tang, L S, Western New England College
Tataronis, Gary, Mass College Of Pharmacy And Allied Health
Tufo, Nancy J, North Shore CC
Tynan, Desmond, Holyoke CC
Villeneuve, Sr. Martha, Rivier College
Weeks, Sandra A., Johnson & Wales University
Weiss, Hayat, Middlesex CC
Werner, Barry, Middlesex CC
Whitman, Betsey S., Framingham State College
Whitney-Roper, Ann, Bristol CC
Williams, Kern, Middlesex CC
Woolhouse, Maureen, Dean Junior College
Zanin, Theresa, Mt. Wachusett CC
Zannella, Edward, CC Of Rhode Island