Dean Junior College
Franklin, MA


Helene S. Savicki was the chair of the 1989 conference, whose theme was The Mathematics Curriculum: Turn On A Turn-Off. It was held at Dean Jr. College, in Franklin, MA, on Saturday, March 4 at a cost of $20. It included the following.



They voted to accept the new constitution and also voted to begin a NEMATYC newsletter. John Jacobs and Mass Bay CC were selected as chair and site, respectively, of our 1990 conference.

Proposed NEMATYC constitution presented to the membership at the 1989 conference at Dean Junior College. It was adopted at the meeting.

(Revised 1989)


The name of the Association is the New England Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.


The New England Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges is a non-profit, education association.

The objectives of the Association are the following:

  1. to encourage the development of effective mathematics programs;
  2. to afford a regional forum for the exchange of ideas;
  3. to develop and/or improve the mathematics education and mathematics related experiences of students in two-year colleges;
  4. to promote the professional welfare and development of its members.


Membership in the Association is restricted to the following:

  1. Regular membership -- Any teacher of mathematics or other person interested in two-year college mathematics education;
  2. Associate membership -- Any full-time student of mathematics or related discipline.


Annual dues are paid by all members at the designated rates set by the Association at the annual conference. Membership shall run from October 1 of a year to September 30 of the following year.


Only regular members of the Association are eligible to hold office. The new England Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges will have four officers; a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  1. The President will conduct the business portion of the annual meeting and will fill any vacancies which occur during the year.
  2. The Vice-President will be nominated and elected at the annual meeting. It will be the Vice-President's responsibility to organize and host the next annual convention. The Vice-President will assume the presidency at the conclusion of the next annual meeting.
  3. The Secretary will be appointed by the President. He/she will maintain an up-to-date membership list and be responsible for the official correspondence of the Association. The Secretary will also take minutes and maintain records for the Association.
  4. The Treasurer will be in charge of all financial records and funds of the Association. The term of office for the Treasurer shall be three years. The Treasurer will be nominated and elected at the annual meeting whenever a vacancy occurs.

Each officer will make a report to the membership at the annual meeting.


The Association will have an annual business meeting in conjunction with its annual convention.


The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, govern in all cases except when they are inconsistent with the constitution or by-laws.


Proposed amendments to this constitution may be initiated by any member of The New England Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges . Ratification of a proposed amendment shall be by a two-thirds vote of the members attending the annual meeting. A notice of the proposed amendment shall be sent to all members at least one month prior to the annual meeting.

Registration List

Amatangelo, Alfred, Central Maine Voc Tech Inst.
Andreossi, Rosemary, CCRI
Angel, Allen, Monroe CC
Appleman, Jay, Queensborough CC
Archambault, Claire, Bentley College
Asadoorian, Ginger, Quinsigamond CC
Barney, Sally, Massasoit CC
Battles, Frank, Mass Maritime Acad
Bell, Dan, Springfield Tech CC
Bell, Kelly, Scott Foresman/Little Brown
Boles, Martha, Bradford College
Bonadio, Sylvia, MacMillan Pub. Co.
Bowdoin, Bernice, Bristol CC
Braswell, Beverly, D. C. Heath Co.
Brennan, Diedre, Pacific Crest Software, Inc.
Brin, Jack, Western N E College
Brin, Joyce Goodwin, Western N E College
Brin, Alex, Western N E College
Bucci, Michael, Dean Jr. C
Caputo, Jean, Massasoit CC
Cargill, David, Dean Jr. C
Carter, Judy, North Shore CC
Clarke, Marie, North Shore CC
Conway, Barbara, Berkshire CC
Cozzens, Margaret, Northeastern Univ.
Cronin, Neil, McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.
Cullen, Mary, Mt. Wachusett CC
Currier, Miriam, Quinnipiac College
Davis, Frances, Dean Jr. C
Deane, Frank, Berkshire CC
Diamantoni, Timothy, Bristol CC
Driscoll, Claire, Northeastern Univ
Eichel, Harold, New Hampshire Voc Tech College
Everest, M. Inez, South Central CN CC
Farrington, Bradford, Scituate High School
Ferrucci, Beverly, Keene State College
Gonsalves, Steve, Dean Jr. C
Guertin, Annette, Berkshire CC
Harmeling, Hank, North Shore CC
Hawthorne, Judith, Unity College
Hayden, Robert, Plymouth State College
Howard, Janice, CCRI
Hoy, Susan, Bristol CC
Hurley, James, UCONN
Immergut, Brita, LaGuardia CC
Jackman, Art, Dean Jr. C
Jacobs, John, Mass Bay CC
Julin, David, Holyoke CC
Keating, Jack, Massasoit CC
Kendall, Joanne, Middlesex CC
Ketcham, Sandra, Berkshire CC
Kieronski, Roberta, UNH
Kindel, Dawn, Newton, MA
Koehler, Robert, Prentice Hall Pub.
Krevisky, Steve, Middlesex CC
Krumsieg, Karl, Pacific Crest Software, Inc.
L'Huillier, Jan, Mt. Wachusett CC
Latina, Michael, CCRI
Laverty, Paul, Mt. Wachusett CC
Loiseau, Roger, Waterbury State Tech C
Mahler, Philip, Middlesex CC
Malone, J. J., WPI
Markham, Elizabeth, St. Joseph College
Martin, Lois, Massasoit CC
Mazzocca, Rich, Wiley Co.
McAlpine, Linda, Massasoit CC
McConnell, Veronica, Bristol CC
McCrum, Daniel, NHVTC
Medeiros, Cecilia, Bristol CC
Menard, Joe, CCRI
Miller, Alice P., Babson College
Morgan, Frank, Castleton State College
Murphy, Jane B., Middlesex CC
Newman, Rochelle, Northern Essex CC
Pepe, Beverly, CCRI
Perreault, Philip, Central Maine Voc Tech Inst
Piekarski, Susan, Mt. Wachusett CC
Pluta, Ray, Castleton State College
Previte, Elaine, Dean Jr. C
Radin, Robert, Wentworth Institute
Redmond, Maureen, PWS Kent Pub.
Rourke, Kathleen, North Shore CC
Sacks, Rita, D. C. Heath Co.
Saulsbery, Constance, Westchester CC
Savicki, Helene, Dean Jr. C
Sawyer, Timothy, Dean Jr. C
Schmidt, Anne Marie, Dean Jr. C
Schroeder, Karen, Bentley College
Seery, Helen, Mass Bay CC
Sessa, Kathy, D. C. Heath Co.
Smith, Jean Burr, Middlesex CC
Sonntag, Paula, Shirley Public Schools
St. Cyr, Judie, Massasoit CC
Stevens, Kimberly, Dean Jr. C
Strekouras, Ethel, King Philip Regional H S
Sullivan, Jim, Mass Bay CC
Sullivan, Mary, Curry College
Tataronis, Gary, Mass College of Pharmacy
Tibbetts, Allain, Central Maine Voc Tech Inst
Tiberio, R. S., Wellesley H S
Tobey, John, North Shore CC
Vetrano, Maria, Addison-Wesley Pub., Inc.
Villiard, Robert, Dean Jr. C
Ward, Barbara, Houghton Mifflin Co.
Washburn, Ken, PWS Kent Pub.
Watts, Kristin, MacMilan Pub. Co
West, Amy, Berkshire CC
Weston, Candice, Fisher College
Whitney-Roper, Ann, Bristol CC
Williams, Lois, Mohegan CC
Witkowski, Joseph, Keene State College
Woodall, Elaine, Quinebaug Valley CC
Woolhouse, Maureen, Dean Jr. C
Wright, William, IBM Corp.
Zannella, Edward, CCRI
Zona, Stephen, Quinsigamond CC