Community College
Fall River, MA


The Annual Conference was held on March 12 at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts. Veronica McConnell was chair and the program, with the theme, Mathematics Across The Curriculum, consisted of the following.



Through the above mentioned discussions (1987 meeting report), a committee was formed to investigate and propose an updated / new constitution. An organizational meeting of Inez Everest, South Central CC, Joe Menard, CCRI, Helene Savicki, Dean JC, Bob Yawin, Springfield Tech CC, and Mike Latina, CCRI, was held at CCRI on May 31, 1988 at the Warwick Campus. Mike was elected Chair of the group. Another meeting was held on September 30, 1988 and a proposed constitution was discussed. It was decided that a broad based instrument with minimal restrictions and rules yet with defined duties for officers should be presented to the 1989 Annual Meeting. This was done.

Registration List

Allen Angel, Monroe CC
Aguiar Lilia, SMU
Alex Asare, Roxbury CC
Frank Battles, Mass. Maritime Academy
Dan K. Bell, Springfield Technical CC
Marta Bolivar, Roxbury CC
Bernice Bowdoin, Bristol CC
Claudette Bradley, Roxbury CC
Bevarly Braswell, D C Heath & Co.
Rick Butterworth, Massasoit CC
Frank Capek, Scott/Foresman/Little Brown
Marie J. Clarke, North Shore CC
Mary Cullen, Mount Wachusett CC
Robert Cyr, Bristol CC
Joseph D'Adamo, Bristol CC
Dr. Lucy Dechene, Fitchburg State College
Lucy Deephouse, Trinity College
Ken Demers, Massasoit CC
Timothy Diamontoni, Bristol CC
Paul Drelles, University of Maine
Richard Eells, Roxbury CC
Eric Entermann, Roxbury CC
M. Inez Everest, South Central CC
Eileen Flaherty, CCRI
John Flaherty, CCRI
Solomon A. Garfunkel, COMAP, Inc.
George Gath, MacMillan Co.
Jeremy Gowing, Harper & Row
Clark Grain, Roxbury CC
Bodh R. Gulati, Southern Connectitut State University
Cynthia Hahn, Bristol CC
Robert Harriman, Springfield Tech. CC
Owen Hartford, Roxbury CC
John Hegarty, Bentley College
Janet K. Hertzberg, N.H. Technical Institute
Scott Higinbotham, Middlesex CC
Susan Hoy, Bristol CC
John C. Jacobs, Massachusetts Bay CC
Richard Johnson, Massachusetts Bay CC
David T. Julin, Holyoke CC
Donald Kearns, Merrimack College
Laura Kelleher, Mass. Maritime Academy
Michaelene Kelly, Scott Foresman/Little Brown
Joanne Kendall, Middlesex CC
Stephen Krevisky, Middlesex CC
Michael Latina, CCRI
Paul Laverty, Mount Wachusett CC
Gerald LePage, Bristol CC
David Levine, Houghton Mifflin
Gerald Magnan, Bristol CC
Philip Mahler, Middlesex CC
Elizabeth Markham, St. Joseph College
Veronica T. Mc Connell, Bristol CC
Cecilia Medeiros, Bristol CC
Scott Mehlenbacher, Roxbury CC
Robert F. Montefusco, CCRI
Ennis J. Montella, Merrimack College
Sister Constance O'Meara, RSM, St. Joseph College
James Pelletier, Bristol CC
Marsha Pettine, Bristol CC
Susan Piekarski, Mount Wachusett CC
Elaine A. Previte, Dean Junior College
Emilio Roxin, U.R.I.
Al Roy, Bristol CC
Rita Sacks, D C Heath & Co.
Helene S. Savicki, Dean Junior College
Glenn Seseske, Quinnipiac College
Jean Smith, Middlesex CC
Katherine Soderbom, Massasoit CC
Robert Stewart, Trinity College
Dan Sullivan, University of Maine
James M. Sullivan, Massachusetts Bay CC
Sally Sweeney, Bristol CC
Kenneth Takvorian, Mount Wachusett CC
Leh-Sheng Tang, Western New England College
Ray Turner, Roxbury CC
John Wetzel, Bristol CC
Ann Whitney-Roper, Bristol CC
Lois S. Williams, Mohegan CC
Elaine Woodall, Quinebaug Valley CC
Robert Yawin, Springfield Technical CC
Edward Zannella, CCRI