Community College of
Rhode Island
Flanagan Campus
Lincoln, Rhode Island


Michael Latina of CCRI chaired the 1987 conference on March 7, 1987, at the Flanagan Campus, in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The theme Unsolved Problems -- In Mathematics And Education, had the following fees: $18 for Faculty, $10 for students, $50 per table for exhibitors, and $10 for additional exhibitor reps. (This included luncheon.) The program included the following.



In a letter to a few activists Bob Yawin suggested that NEMATYC needs "a treasurer to give our group stability and continuity." This instigated meetings in which it was decided to offer this suggestion to the membership. (See the 1988 meeting report.)

Registration List

Alcarez, Jennifer, D.C. Heath and Co.
Angel, Allen, Monroe CC
Armstrong, Charles, Univ. of Rhode Island
Barney, Sally, Massasoit CC
Battles, Frank, Mass Maritime Academy
Bell, Dan, Springfield Tech CC
Bhalla, Gurchuran, Bronx CC
Bowdoin, Bernice, Bristol CC
Brandt, Jane, Univ. of New Hampshire
Briggs, J. Morton, U of RI
Cabral, Mary, Middlesex CC
Cahir, Donna, CCRI
Clark, Francine, U of RI
Cullen, Mary, Mt. Wachusett CC
Deane, Frank, Berkshire CC
Doane, Elizabeth, Housatonic CC
Doane, Paul, Housatonic CC
Fehr, Donald, Wadsworth Pub.
Flaherty, Eileen, CCRI
Flaherty, John, CCRI
Flynn, Michael, CCRI
Fraleigh, John, U of RI
Gehrenbeck, Anne, Wheeler School
Glynn, Philip, Mattatuck CC
Goodwin, Regina, Middlesex CC
Guertin, Annette, Berkshire CC
Hagan, John, CCRI
Hamill, Ronald, CCRI
Hamilton, William, CCRI
Harmeling, Hank, North Shore CC
Hindle, Donald, CCRI
Howard, Janice, CCRI
Hoy, Susan, Bristol CC
Jacobs, John, Mass Bay CC
Julin, David, Holyoke CC
Keating, Jack, Massasoit CC
Kelleher, Laura, Mass Maritime Academy
Kieronski, Roberta, UNH
Kleinman, Joan, Middlesex CC
Kummer, William, King Philip Regional H S
La France, Joan, Mattatuck CC
Latina, Michael, CCRI
Lepere, William, King Philip Regional H S
Levine, David, Houghton Mifflin
Lind, Diana, CCRI
Liston, Edward, CCRI
Loiseau, Roger, Waterbury State Tech
Madonna, Edward, CCRI
Mahler, Philip, Middlesex CC
McConnell, Veronica, Bristol CC
Medeiros, Cecilia, Bristol CC
Menard, Joseph, CCRI
Montefusco, Robert, CCRI
Murphy, Jane, Middlesex CC
Olds, Patricia, Berkshire CC
Ortgiesen, Elaine, CCRI
Pepe, Beverly, CCRI
Perry, Robert, King Philip Regional H S
Poirier, Judith, Wheeler School
Potter, Susan, CCRI
Pronovost, Henry, Mattatuck CC
Rocklin, Sandy, Berkshire CC
Roxin, Emilio, U of RI
Sacks, Rita, D C Heath and Co.
Savicki, Helene, Dean Junior College
Skelly, Ramona, CCRI
Smith, Jean, Middlesex CC
Strekouras, Ethel, King Philip Regional H S
Sullivan, Russ, North Shore CC
Merrecchia, Thomas, CCRI
Weber, Mark, Scott Foresman
Weiss, Hyatt, Middlesex CC
West, Amy, Berkshire CC
Williams, Lois, Mohegan CC
Wing, Walter, CCRI
Woodall, Elaine, Quinebaug Valley CC
Woods, Barry, Unity College
Yawin, Robert, Springfield Tech CC
Zannella, Edward, CCRI