NEMATYC 2004 Memories

Co-Chairs Paul Laverty and Bonnie Wicklund address the group with President Maureen Woolhouse looking on

The group having lunch at Mt. Wachusett CC

AMATYC Past President Phil Mahler introduces Lunch Speaker Herb Gross

Herb addresses the group on "The Future Never Was What it Used to Be"

Herb Gross, founding President of NYSMATYC, NEMATYC, AMATYC

President Woolhouse presents on AMATYC's Crossroads Revisted Project

Steve Krevisky addresses the group about NEMATYC and MATYCONN cooperation

AMATYC Regional Vice President Jack Keating honors President Woolhouse

Vice-President Elaine Previte thanks Maureen for her service to NEMATYC as President

President Woolhouse presents a plaque to Roberta Kieronski denoting NEMATYC's thanks for her 3 year service as President of NEMATYC, service as Past-President, obtaining tax-free organization status for NEMATYC, and so many other things

Chairpersons Bonnie Wicklund and Paul Laverty present door prizes at the business meeting

Marie Caruso of Middlesex wins a prize

The Middlesex Crew: Carol Hay, Phil Mahler, Mary Mogan-Vallon, Carol Henry;
Marie Caruso, Beth Fraser, Dora Ottariano, Nancy Harrington
Mary Cabral and Jane Murphy also attended