NEMATYC Fall 2007 Dinner Meeting
O'Connor's Restaurant

Speaker: Andrew Chen of M.I.T. and Edutron Corporation

Bonnie Wicklund, Elaine Falcone, Paul Laverty, Maureen Woolhouse

Mary Edith Heiss, Joseph Heiss, Micha, Prof. Heiss' student.

John Valente, David Cox, Bob O'Connell, Meredith Watts, Victoria Sapko

Bob O'Connell, Meredith Watts, Beth Fraser (orange), Joanna Delmonaco, Cliff Martin, Lois Martin

Dora Ottariano, Mary Sullivan, Rita Libova, Carol Henry

Judy King, Rick Butterworth, Steve Krevisky

Judy King, Rick Butterworth, Curtiss Mitchell, Andrew Chen (the speaker), Steve Krevisky

Elaine Previte introduces the speaker, Andrew Chen. President Andrew Perry looks on.

Elaine introduces Andrew.


Mathematics education prepares students, workers, and future teachers for college and for careers that require increasingly demanding levels of mathematical skill and thinking. Only an estimated 10% of our adult population is fluent enough in mathematics to consider pursuing such careers, and an alarming number do not have the math skills needed for entry-level jobs.

We have a problem—An American problem.

What are learning and teaching like in other parts of the world? How are teachers trained and treated? What are parents like? What do their textbooks look like? Do they have SPED? What about learning culture and expectations? Bring your own data, information, and questions. We will compare notes over dinner. Come join us for a session on the Comparative Biopsy of U.S.A.’s mathematics education—K-12 and beyond. And more importantly, find out what YOU can do about the problems we are facing.

The Speaker

Andrew Chen is the President of EduTron Corporation. He was a professor and a principal research scientist at M.I.T. In addition to doing research in physics, he is involved in improving K-12 mathematics and science education. He is frequently consulted by education research institutions including the Institute for Education Science at the U.S. Dept. of Education, and Achieve, Inc. He served on the Math and Science Partnership Steering Committee of the Massachusetts Department of Education. He regularly works with teachers at all levels by providing “high density” professional development services in Mathematics and Science, known as Intensive Immersion Institute, to teachers at elementary, middle and high schools. He is also working closely with teachers and college professors to develop CLEAR Math courseware being used in more than 35 districts in Massachusetts. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University. Contact Andrew at