Fall Dinner Meeting

September, 2016

The 8th Annual NEMATYC dinner meeting was held September 30, 2016 at O’Connor’s Restaurant in Worcester. The featured speaker was Professor Cristina Ballantine of the College of the Holy Cross, who spoke on Easy to State, Hard to Prove.  Vice president Alex Cotter, Massasoit CC, coordinated the event.
Several dozen of our colleagues attended. Professor Ballantine talked about various hypotheses that have resisted proof for decades and centuries, several of which have actually been recently proved–notably Andrew Wiles’ proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, that there are no positive integer solutions to a to the n power plus b to the n power for n > 2. The Pythagorean Theorem cannot be generalized.

Title of Talk: Easy to State, Hard to Prove
Persons in Photo: Alex ... Cristina Ballantine, ????, Dave Henry, Bob xxxx

Clockwise: Vice President Alex Cotter, Speaker Cristina Ballantine, Lynne DeSantis, former NEMATYC President Dave Henry, President Bob Cantin

Meredith Watts and Aisha Aroyo
General Review of Room
Sometimes they shoot back. :-) Meredith Watts and Aisha Arroyo
A general view of the facility
High school guy, manchester, Tonka, Maria, Dora, ..., Cliff Martin
Elaine Previte, Dominic Nocera, kkkk, Autumn
Foreground left, going back, Tonka Zelenkova, Joe Heise, Daniel Seltzer.  On right, foreground going back, Maria Arambel, Dora Ottariano, Richard Neville, Cliff Martin
Elaine Previte, Dominic Nocera, Aliza Miller, Autumn Alden (with apologies for poor centering)