The New England Mathematical Association of
Two-Year Colleges
4th Fall Dinner & Speaker Event

Frank Morgan, Williams College
Title: Baserunner’s Optimal Path

Friday, September 21, 2012
O’Connor’s Restaurant
Worcester, Massachusetts

About the topic: What is the fastest path to run around the baseball diamond? Is it better to avoid sharp corners by running in a circle? The story starts with a student colloquium, makes it into Rob Neyer's famous Monday Mendozas, and appears in Science News.

About the speaker: Frank Morgan, Atwell Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, is a popular and entertaining speaker. Professor Morgan researches optimal paths and shapes like soap bubbles. He has some 200 publications, including six books, including his graduate text in Geometric Measure theory, his undergraduate text in Real Analysis, his freshman text in Calculus, and his popular Math Chat Book, based on his live, call-in TV show. He now has a blog at the Huffington Post website.

Frank Morgan, Atwell Professor of Mathematics, Williams College

Huffington Post blog

At the left, from the left:

  • Phil Mahler, Newsletter Editor, Middlesex CC
  • Denise Robichaud, Executive Committee and Host, Quinsigamond CC
  • Frank Morgan, Speaker, Williams College
  • Zane Martin, Student, Williams College
  • Mary Kehoe Moynihan, Fall Dinner Meeting Coordinator, Cape Cod CC