NEMATYC's 3rd Annual Fall Dinner Meeting

A Presentation by Sir Isaac Newton on his Life and Work

On Friday September 26, 2008, amidst the winds and rain of a distant hurricane, Sir Isaac Newton addressed a distinguished body of math educators known as NEMATYC. Sir Isaac talked about his life and his work, taking questions afterwards.

There were some who noted the striking resemblance of Sir Isaac to Professor Harrison Straley, a member of the Wheaton College Mathematics and Computer Science Department, who has taught for over forty years at most grade levels from kindergarten through graduate school.

Chuck Straley's research interests include mathematics education, especially discovery learning and mathematics history.

Sir Isaac makes the acquaintance of NEMATYC
President Carol Henry.

Lora Connelly, NSCC, talks to Sir Isaac.

The convivial group has dinner prior to hearing
Sir Isaac's discourse.