NEMATYC (and a few other) Members at AMATYC 2008

MATYCONN Members: Roger Loiseau, Alice Grandgeorge, Kathy Bavelas

That's Mary Sullivan (Massasoit), Meredith Watts (MassBay), both NEMATYC Executive Committee members, with Kate Danforth of NYSMATYC

Jack Keating (Massasoit) and Roberta Kieronski (UNH Manchester)

Judy King, (NHTI), Phyllis Lurvey and Lynne DeSantis (Hesser)

Denise Robichaud and Andreana Grimaldo (Quinsigamond), Carol Henry (Middlesex)

Carol Henry, Jessie Klein, Carol Hay, all of Middlesex

Steve Proietti (Northern Essex), Mike Williamson and Phil Mahler, Middlsex

Regional VP Jane Tanner runs the business part of the Friday morning breakfast.

Meeting of the VPs: Former Northeast VPs Maryann Justinger and Jack Keating remenisce.

Northeast Region VP Jane Tanner, Susan Strickland, Student Math League Coordinator, and Joe Brown. Jane and Joe were receiving a Student Math League Award for their campus.

MATYCONN folks, Pat Hirschy, Steve Krevisky, Teresa Foley, Rachael Schettenhelm

Carol Hay and Jessie Klein, Middlesex, present on the Middlesex Mathematics Across the Curriculum program at a MAC^3 session.

Not shown: David Ellenbogen, Ken Takvorian, perhaps others. With apologies.